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GY6 150cc 152QMJ 157QMI 152QMI 157QMJ Carburetor

Fit Most 110, 125, And 150cc 4-Stroke Engine.
26mm Intake Inner Diameter And Air Box 43mm Outer Diameter.
Fit For 4 Stroke Gy6 125cc 150cc 152Qmi 157Qmj Engine Based Atv Scooter.
Fits Moped, Atv, Go Kart,Scooter 150cc.

  • RB-001-1

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Parameter data Of Carburetor

GY6 150CC is a common motorcycle engine model. Regarding the carburetor specifications of GY6 150CC, the following are some common parameters:

Part name: GY6 150CC carburetor (Carburetor)

Applicable models: GY6 150CC motorcycle engine

Air inlet size: usually 24mm or 26mm, other sizes are also available.

Air outlet size: usually 32mm or 34mm, other sizes are also available.

Fuel type: Usually gasoline (90 or above) is used as fuel.

Orifice diameter: 30mm

Main nozzle size: 105

Total length: 80mm

Width: 88mm

Height: 138mm

Displacement: 157cc

Intake pipe diameter: 26mm

Fuel system: naturally aspirated

Main nozzle size: usually No. 88 nozzle (this can vary according to actual needs and modifications)

Air conditioning propeller: typically 2.5 turns

Fuel float adjustment height: usually 8mm

Normal fuel flow rate: usually 3-5 ml/min

GY6 152QMI Carburetor


The efficiency of the GY6 152QMI Carburetor depends on several factors, including engine condition, fuel quality and adjustment settings. A properly installed and adjusted Carburetor can provide the following benefits:

Fuel Economy: The proper air and fuel mixture can help improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption.

Acceleration performance: The proper working of the Carburetor ensures that the engine receives the proper fuel supply, thereby improving acceleration performance.

Performance: Good carburetor tuning can improve the overall performance of your engine, including maximum power output and torque.


The GY6 157QMJ carburetor operates normally in a variety of environmental conditions. However, here are some environmental factors to consider:

Temperature: GY6 157QMJ carburetor has certain adaptability to different temperatures. In colder temperatures, more warm-up time may be required to start the engine, and the fuel mixture may need to be fine-tuned. In high temperature environments, additional cooling measures may be required to ensure normal operation of the engine.

Altitude: The GY6 157QMJ carburetor can also operate normally at different altitudes. However, as altitude increases, air pressure and oxygen levels decrease, and the air and fuel mixture ratio in the carburetor may need to be adjusted. This ensures that the engine operates properly and achieves full performance.

Humidity: Humidity has relatively little impact on the GY6 157QMJ carburetor. However, in high-humidity environments, care may be needed to prevent moisture from entering the carburetor and fuel system to avoid affecting combustion and causing malfunctions.

Overall, the GY6 157QMJ carburetor performs well in a variety of environmental conditions, but some adjustments and precautions may be required in special environments. If you have specific environmental challenges or issues, consult a professional or manufacturer for more accurate recommendations.

Compatible With Models

GY6 152QMI Carburetor is usually used in various 125cc to 150cc motorcycles and light vehicles based on GY6 engines. This Carburetor is designed to provide the proper air and fuel mixture to ensure proper engine operation and performance. Therefore, it is usually installed on various motorcycles, electric vehicles and other small motor vehicles.

GY6 157QMJ engine is usually used on some motorcycles, scooters and light cruisers. This type of engine is very popular in China and some other regions, so you may see it on a variety of different makes of vehicles.

Due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness, the GY6 157QMJ engine has become the first choice of many motorcycle manufacturers, especially those that focus on affordability and applicability. Therefore, you may find this type of engine on some motorcycle brands from China, Taiwan, and other regions.

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