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Honda CT70 CT70H CT 70 KO Carburetor

Adaptable Models

For Honda CT70 1969
For Honda CT70 1970
For Honda CT70 1971
For Honda CT70 1972
For Honda CT70 1973
For Honda CT70 1974
For Honda CT70 1975
For Honda CT70 1976
For Honda CT70 1977

  • RB-085

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Introduction to carburetor

The Honda CT70 is a classic small motorcycle equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The carburetor is a key component in the internal combustion engine. It is responsible for mixing fuel and air and sending them into the engine for combustion. The Honda CT70's Carburetor is exquisitely designed to ensure that the engine obtains the proper fuel mixture ratio for efficient combustion and power output. By adjusting the Carburetor, you can optimize engine performance, improve fuel economy, and ensure proper engine operation. When maintaining and maintaining your Honda CT70, regular cleaning and adjustment of the carburetor are very important steps to ensure proper operation and optimal performance of the motorcycle.

Specifications of carburetor

Carburetor specifications of Honda CT70 are as follows:

Model: Keihin PB04A

Aperture: 13mm

Main nozzle: #60

Small Hole Nozzle: #35

Slow speed nozzle: #40

Air adjustment screw: 2 turns out

These specs are based on the common CT70 Carburetor, actual specs may vary based on specific year and model. If you need more accurate specification information, it is recommended to consult the official technical manual or consult your dealer

Honda CT70 Carburetor

Advantages of carburetor

Simple and easy to use: The CT70’s Carburetor has a simple design, easy to adjust and maintain, suitable for novice riders and family use.

Fuel efficiency: By effectively controlling the fuel mixture ratio, fuel efficiency can be improved and driving mileage extended.

Strong adaptability: suitable for light motorcycles, able to provide smooth power output on various roads and terrains.

High reliability: Classic Honda craftsmanship ensures the reliability and durability of the Carburetor, adapting to various usage environments.

Application fields of carburetor

The Honda CT70's Carburetor is mainly used in small motorcycles, especially for off-road and light riding. It is often used as an entry-level or children's motorcycle and is favored for its compact size, ease of riding and maintenance. The CT70 is a popular classic, and the Carburetor's design and performance are suitable for everyday riding and light off-road activities.

Honda CT70 Trail 70 (all models produced from 1969 to 1994)

Please note that this is based on the applicable range of the common CT70 Carburetor, and the actual applicable range may vary depending on the specific year and model. If you need exact application range information, please consult the official technical manual or consult your dealer.

Features of carburetor

The Carburetor of Honda CT70 has the following features:

Single-cylinder four-stroke: The CT70's Carburetor is suitable for single-cylinder four-stroke engines, this engine design provides smooth power delivery and fuel economy.

Simple Adjustment: The Carburetor's design is simple and easy to adjust and maintain. You can adjust parameters such as main nozzles, small orifice nozzles, and slow speed nozzles as needed to optimize fuel mixture ratio and performance.

Highly Reliable: As a well-known motorcycle manufacturer, Honda’s CT70 Carburetor uses high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure its reliability and durability.

Adaptable: The Carburetor is designed to adapt to a variety of road and riding conditions, including city roads, country roads and light off-roading.

Fuel economy: By effectively controlling the fuel mixture ratio, Carburetor can provide better fuel economy and extend driving mileage.

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