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Honda GX25 GX25N GX25NT FG110 HHT25S 4 Cycle Carburetor

Carburetor Replace:





  • RB-208

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Product Name

The Honda GX35 is a small four-stroke engine widely used in various hand tools and small mechanical equipment. The carburetor is an important part of the engine that mixes air and fuel and delivers the mixture into the engine combustion chamber. The following is the product introduction of Honda GX35 Carburetor:


HIGH QUALITY: The Honda GX35 Carburetor is built with high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and reliability. It is precision machined to ensure good working performance.

Simple and easy to use: This carburetor has a simple design and is easy to install and adjust. Users can adjust the fuel-air mixture ratio as needed to obtain the best combustion effect and power output.

Fuel Economy: The Honda GX35 Carburetor provides excellent fuel economy by effectively controlling fuel supply. This helps reduce running costs and extend working hours.

Environmental protection: This carburetor uses advanced fuel injection technology to make fuel combustion more complete and cleaner, reduce exhaust emissions, and comply with environmental standards.

Honda GX35 Carburetor

Item Specification

Certification: ISO9001

High precision, low noise, high temperature-resistance, long life.

Made of high quality, very durable.

Power Type: Petrol / Gas

Certification: Other

Product type: Replacement Parts but not Geniune

Type: Garden Tool Parts

Customized: No


Carburetor Replacement for 224 L (2009-06), 324 HDA 55X (2004-05)

Carburetor Replacement for 324 HDA 55x (2005-09), 324 LDX (2009-06)

Carburetor Replacement for 324 LDX (2004-05), 324 LX (2004-05)

Carburetor Replacement for 324 LX (2009-06), 324 RX (2004-05), 324 RX (2009-06)

Honda Carburetor Replaces Part #

Replacement For Part Number: 531008681

16100-Z0H-825 16100Z0H825

16100-Z0H-053 16100Z0H053

16100-Z0H-824 16100Z0H824

16100-Z0H-043 16100Z0H043

Used on following honda machines

GX35 (Type SA2)(VIN# GCACM-1000001-1099999) Small Engine

GX35 (Type SA2A)(VIN# GCACM-1100001-9999999) Small Engine

GX35 (Type SAT)(VIN# GCACM-1000001-1099999) Small Engine

GX35 (Type SATA)(VIN# GCACM-1100001-9999999) Small Engine

GX35 (Type SLT)(VIN# GCACM-1100001-9999999) Small Engine

GX35NT (Type S3)(VIN# GCAST-1000001) Small Engine

GX35NT (Type SATM)(VIN# GCAST-1000001) Small Engine

GX35NT (Type SGT3)(VIN# GCAST-1000001) Small Engine

GX35NT (Type SGT9)(VIN# GCAST-1000001) Small Engine

GX35NT (Type ST3)(VIN# GCAST-1000001) Small Engine

HHT35S (Type LTAT)(VIN# HAGA-1000001) Trimmer/Brush Cutter

HHT35S (Type UKAT)(VIN# HAHA-1000001) Trimmer/Brush Cutter

GX35 (Type SA2/A)(VIN# GCACM-1100001-9999999) Engine

GX35 (Type SAT/A)(VIN# GCACM-1100001-9999999) Engine

GX35NT (Type T4)(VIN# GCAST-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX35NT (Type TAR)(VIN# GCAST-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX35NT (Type TTSC)(VIN# GCAST-1000001-9999999) Engine


It's replacement part but not genuine, Model number just for reference only, Please check item appearance, size and compare with your original one.

The picture can tell more than we can, what you see is what you will receive.

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