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What Is Motorcycle Carburetor?

Motorcycle Carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes gasoline and air under the action of a vacuum. Different motorcycle models use different carburetors, such as PWK Motorcycle Carburetor, YBR125 Motorcycle Carburetor, Sportster Motorcycle Carburetor, CG125 Motorcycle Carburetor, PZ30 Carburetor.

Usage Scenario

The carburetor is a small accessory installed on the motorcycle engine, which can use the kinetic energy of the inhaled air flow to realize the atomization of gasoline. It is the heart of the engine, and the engine cannot run normally without the carburetor.

Function Introduction

The carburetor can automatically adjust the output mixture according to the different state requirements of the engine, and atomize the fuel for the normal operation of the machine.

Types of Motorcycle Carburetor

After-Sale Service

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional motorcycle carburetor supplier and manufacturer. The carburetors we produce all meet the national quality standards. If there is a problem with the product due to our reasons, and the product received by the customer is defective, we will fully refund the amount and make compensation. We provide each customer with a one-year warranty and lifetime service.

Advantages Of our Motorcycle Carburetors

We have two models of this Honda CRF450R CRF250R FCR37 FCR39 Motorcycle Carburetor, the carburetor inner diameter have 37mm and 39mm. The carburetor made in Aluminum Alloy and weight is 1.587KG. Our regular products customers can customize.
This is Dellorto PHBL 25BS 50cc R2731 2T Scooter Motorcycle Carburetor. The Carburetor Inner Diameter is 25mm and Outer diameter is 31mm. In production, we choose aluminum for product production. High quality and great price For this carburetor. Our products are all nationally certified.
This is Honda CBX250 Twister CBX 250 250cc DE2000 Motorcycle Carburetor. The carburetor inner diameter is 32mm and outer diameter is 40mm. We support customers for OEM ODM customized services. The Single Carburetor weight is 0.985KG. Each product will go through the quality inspection of layers of machines.
This Honda PZ30B WY200 CG200 200cc 250cc Cable Choke Motorcycle Carburetor, the pz30b carburator itself is designed with grey color and golden color. The Carburetor inner diameter is 30mm and bolt hole distance is 48mm.

How To Choose a Motorcycle Carburetor

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    High-quality carburetors can't just look at the brand, only the carburetor that is most suitable for your own model is the best carburetor, and you can't blindly pursue the brand.
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    A good carburetor does not look at the price, but it has more exquisite workmanship in appearance, more printing and numbers, and has special packaging; but there are also some made.
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    A good carburetor is equipped with elastic rubber parts, the plastic floats are mostly white non-renewable raw materials, and the oil control four-ring needle is used to fix the dial with a fine wire buckle.
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    A good carburetor is easy to see at the processing of the oil measuring hole and foam hole. The measuring hole and foam hole here are finely processed, indicating that the factory has excellent processing equipment and quality.
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    A good carburetor has a better internal design structure to achieve better fuel output performance, instead of just relying on the brand or imitating the brand style.
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    The most important thing to replace the carburetor is to see whether the structure corresponds to your own car; when there is a contradiction between the brand and the required structure, the actual performance structure should be the main one.
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