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Suzuki AX100 2 Stroke Motorcycle Carburetor


New Carburetor Compatible With the Suzuki Ax100 2-Stroke Motorcycle (100cc)
Compatible With the Qianjiang/Keeway Qj100-M (Kw100-m) 100cc Scooter/Motorcycle/Atv
Carburetor Compatible With the Suzuki Ax100 2-Stroke Motorcycle

  • RB-011

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Specifications of suzuki AX100 Carburetor

Suzuki AX100 Carburetor specifications are as follows:

Model: Mikuni VM20SH

Main nozzle: #120

Throttle Spool: Cutaway 2.0

Throttle slide valve scale: 2.0

Idle Nozzle Size: #17.5

Idle speed: 1600 rpm (plus or minus 100 rpm)

Aperture size: 20mm (this indicates the diameter of the air inlet)

Applicable models: Suzuki AX100 motorcycle

Material: metal aluminum alloy

Accessories: usually include fuel and air adjustment screws, throttle slide valve, etc.

Function: Mix air and fuel and send the mixture into the engine for combustion

suzuki ax100 carburetor

Adapted models of suzuki AX100 Carburetor

Carburetor for Suzuki AX100 (Mikuni VM20SH) is generally suitable for Suzuki AX100 model motorcycles. This Carburetor is designed specifically for the Suzuki AX100, ensuring it matches the engine and performance of that model. Therefore, if you own a Suzuki AX100 motorcycle, this Carburetor should be the right choice for your vehicle.

The Suzuki AX100 Carburetor (Mikuni VM20SH) is specially designed for the Suzuki AX100 motorcycle, so it has high adaptability. This Carburetor has been tuned and designed to ensure it matches the performance needs of the Suzuki AX100 engine, providing good fuel mixture delivery and performance.

While normally a Suzuki AX100's Carburetor should be the most suitable choice for this model, when replacing or upgrading, it is recommended that you carefully select a Carburetor that suits your vehicle's engine characteristics and performance needs. Make sure your new Carburetor meets your vehicle's specifications and is installed by a professional technician to ensure optimal fit and performance.

suzuki ax100 carburetor features

The Suzuki AX100's suzuki ax100 carburetor plays a key role in the motorcycle engine and its main functions include:

Mixing Air and Fuel: The suzuki ax100 carburetor is responsible for mixing air and gasoline to create a combustible mixture in an internal combustion engine. Make sure the mixture is properly proportioned by adjusting components such as the throttle slide and nozzles.

Providing fuel into the engine: The suzuki ax100 carburetor sends the mixed air and gasoline into the engine through the nozzle, providing fuel to the engine to generate power.

Control the air-fuel ratio: suzuki ax100 carburetor helps control the ratio of air to fuel during the engine combustion process, ensuring that the engine operates normally and provides the required power output.

Adjust idle speed and acceleration: By adjusting the throttle slide valve and other components, the suzuki ax100 carburetor is able to control the engine's idle speed and acceleration response, allowing the driver to effectively control vehicle speed and power output.

suzuki ax100 carburetor appearance style

The Carburetor of Suzuki AX100 is usually made of metal aluminum alloy and has a cylindrical shape. It is usually connected to the engine's intake pipe and is equipped with fuel and air adjustment screws and a throttle slide valve. In the entire motorcycle engine system, the carburetor is usually located between the intake pipe and the cylinder. It is used to mix air and fuel and send the mixture into the cylinder for combustion.

Carburetor usually has a relatively simple appearance, with smooth surface and compact structure. It is an important component in a motorcycle engine and is responsible for providing the fuel mixture to support proper engine operation.

The Carburetor of Suzuki AX100 is usually made of metal aluminum alloy material. This metallic aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable and has good corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of motorcycle engine parts such as the Carburetor.

Metal aluminum alloy has high strength and durability and can withstand the high temperature and high pressure environment when the engine is running. In addition, aluminum alloy also has good processing properties and can be manufactured into complex shapes and structures, which is suitable for parts such as Carburetor that require precision design and processing.

Therefore, the Suzuki AX100's Carburetor generally uses metal aluminum alloy as the main material to ensure that it has sufficient strength, durability and performance while maintaining relatively lightweight characteristics.

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