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Suzuki AX100 QJ100-M KW100-M 2 Stroke Motorcycle Carburetor

Type : Suzuki Carburetor
Material : Zinc Alloy
Package : 20PCS/Carton
  • RB-011

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ax100 carburetor

Inner Diameter (Manifold Side): 22mm
Outer Diameter (Manifold Side): 26mm
Inner Diameter (Outlet Side): 40mm
Outer Diameter(Outlet Side): 43mm

Carburetor Details

Introducing the Suzuki AX100 Carburetor - a top-notch accessory designed for optimum performance and compatibility. Engineered to seamlessly fit the Suzuki AX100 100cc 2 Stroke Motorcycle Engine, this carburetor ensures a perfect match for your Suzuki RGV 120 RGV120 Motorcycle as well. 

Crafted with precision and built to last, this professional-grade carburetor guarantees unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Upgrade your motorcycle's engine with the Suzuki AX100 Carburetor and experience enhanced performance like never before.

Carburetor Trait

This motorbike Suzuki AX100 Carburetor is made of Metal and Rubber Materials, its appearance is anodized to improve its wear resistance, insulation and heat resistance. The quality of the top equipment ensures that our Suzuki AX100 Carburetor replacement performance is reliable and has a long service life.

The motorcycle Suzuki AX100 Carburetor can automatically match the corresponding concentration according to the requirements of different engine working conditions, and output the corresponding amount of mixed gas. The kinetic energy of the inhaled air flow can also be used to achieve the atomization of gasoline for the normal operation of the machine.


Qianjiang/Keeway QJ100-M(KW100-M)

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