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Suzuki Quadsport 400 Z400 LTZ400 LTZ400Z Carburetor

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Suzuki 2003-2007 Quadsport Z400 LTZ400
Suzuki 2003-2007 Quadsport Z400 LTZ400Z 

  • RB-149

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Product Introduction

The ltz400 carburetor of the Suzuki LTZ400 is a key component in the engine, used to mix air and fuel and send the mixture into the engine combustion chamber. It is responsible for adjusting the engine's air-fuel ratio, affecting engine performance and fuel efficiency.

The suzuki ltz400z carburetor of the LTZ400 usually has components such as adjustable main nozzles, air filter nozzles, adjustment needles, and idle nozzles, which can be adjusted according to different environmental conditions and needs. These adjustments can affect the engine's power output, acceleration performance and fuel economy.

In general, while ensuring the normal operation of the engine, the suzuki Z400 carburetor can also be adjusted to optimize engine performance so that the vehicle performs better under different usage conditions.

Product Function

Mixing air and fuel: The Suzuki Quadsport 400 Carburetor is responsible for mixing air and gasoline in a certain proportion to form a flammable mixture for combustion in the engine.

Adjust the air-fuel ratio: By adjusting the nozzle, adjusting needle and other components in the suzuki ltz 400 carburetor, you can control the proportion of mixed gas, that is, the proportion of air and fuel, to maintain an appropriate air-fuel ratio.

Provide fuel supply: The suzuki ltz400z carburetor provides the required fuel to the engine to ensure that the engine operates properly and provides sufficient power output.

Adjust idle speed: The LTZ400Z carburetor is also responsible for regulating the engine's operation at idle speed to ensure that the engine can run smoothly without stalling.

suzuki ltz400 carburetor

Parameter Data

Main Jet: Approximately between 125-150, depending on environmental conditions such as altitude and temperature.

Air Filter Jet: Usually between No. 40-50, also depending on the same environmental conditions.

Adjustment needle (Needle): Usually located in the middle position, it can be fine-tuned according to personal preference and vehicle performance.

Idle Jet: Usually between No. 35-45, also depends on environmental conditions and individual differences.

Application areas

Leisure and entertainment: As a sports ATV, LTZ400 is very suitable for outdoor leisure and entertainment activities, such as desert crossing, mountain cross-country, etc.

Competitive events: LTZ400 has excellent performance in cross-country events, desert rallies and other competitive events, and is chosen as a competition tool by many racers.

Agricultural use: In the agricultural field, LTZ400 can be used to inspect farmland, transport goods and perform other farm tasks to improve work efficiency.

Land management: LTZ400 can be used to patrol, inspect and maintain large areas of land such as nature reserves and forests, helping managers quickly cover large areas of terrain.

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