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Yamaha DT100 DT125 DT175 MX175 RT100 RT180 Carburettor

Type :  Carburettor                                     

Package : 20 PCS/ Carton                     

Materaial:  Aluminum Alloy

  • RB-043

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DT125 Carburettor

Intake Side Inner Diameter : Roughly 28MM / 1.10in

Intake Side Outer Diameter : Roughly 35MM / 1.38in

Air Filter Side Inner Diameter : Roughly 40MM / 1.57in

Air Filter Side Outer Diameter :Roughly 43MM / 1.69in


Introducing the Yamaha DT125 Carburettor - the ultimate choice for Enduro Motor Road Bike, Dirt Pit Bike, and motorcycle bike enthusiasts. Engineered to enhance your riding experience, this yamaha DT100 carburettor ensures exceptional performance, smooth acceleration, and stable idling, making every journey an exhilarating one.

Crafted with precision and built to last, this yamaha dt175 carburettor is designed to fit seamlessly into your motorbike, delivering optimal fuel-air mixture for enhanced power and efficiency. Whether you're hitting the open road or tackling rugged terrains, you can rely on the DT125 Carburettor to provide unmatched reliability and performance.

Experience the thrill of a carburettor that perfectly complements your adventurous spirit. Upgrade your ride today with the DT175 MX175 Carburettor and feel the difference in every twist of the throttle.


Direct replacement without any/minor adjustments will keep your engine running like new. As a precision mechanical device, the carburetor should be cleaned regularly to keep the oil circuit and air passage of the carburetor clean and unobstructed, which is beneficial to prolong the service life Very important carburetor. Many carburetor performance problems can be resolved by cleaning the carburetor regularly.


For Yamaha DT100 1974

For Yamaha DT100 1975

For Yamaha DT100 1976

For Yamaha DT100 1977

For Yamaha DT100 1978

For Yamaha DT100 1979

For Yamaha DT100 1980

For Yamaha DT100 1981

For Yamaha DT100 1982

For Yamaha DT125 1977

For Yamaha DT125 1978

For Yamaha DT125 1979

For Yamaha DT125 1980

For Yamaha DT125 1981

For Yamaha DT175 1974

For Yamaha DT175 1975

For Yamaha DT175 1976

For Yamaha DT175 1977

For Yamaha DT175 1978

For Yamaha DT175 1979

For Yamaha DT175 1980

For Yamaha DT175 1981

For Yamaha RT100 1990

For Yamaha RT100 1991

For Yamaha RT100 1992

For Yamaha RT100 1993

For Yamaha RT100 1994

For Yamaha RT100 1995

For Yamaha RT100 1996

For Yamaha RT100 1997

For Yamaha RT100 1998

For Yamaha RT100 1999

For Yamaha RT100 2000

For Yamaha RT180 1990

For Yamaha RT180 1991

For Yamaha RT180 1992

For Yamaha RT180 1993

For Yamaha RT180 1994

For Yamaha RT180 1995

For Yamaha RT180 1996

For Yamaha RT180 1997

For Yamaha RT180 1998

For Yamaha TTR125 2000

For Yamaha TTR125 2001

For Yamaha TTR125 2002

For Yamaha TTR125 2003

For Yamaha TTR125 2004

For Yamaha TTR125E 2003

For Yamaha TTR125E 2004

For Yamaha TTR125E 2005

For Yamaha TTR125E 2006

For Yamaha TTR125E 2007

For Yamaha TTR125E 2008

For Yamaha TTR125E 2009

For Yamaha TTR125L 2000

For Yamaha TTR125L 2001

For Yamaha TTR125L 2002

For Yamaha TTR125L 2003

For Yamaha TTR125L 2004

For Yamaha TTR125L 2005

For Yamaha TTR125L 2006

For Yamaha TTR125L 2007

For Yamaha TTR125L 2008

For Yamaha TTR125LE  2003

For Yamaha TTR125LE 2004

For Yamaha TTR125LE 2005

For Yamaha TTR125LE 2006

For Yamaha TTR125LE 2007

For Yamaha TTR125LE 2008

For Yamaha Big Wheel 200 1985

For Yamaha Big Wheel 200 1986

For Yamaha Big Wheel 200 1978

For Yamaha Big Wheel 200 1988

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