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Honda CB100 CL100 SL100 XL100 Motorcycle Carburetor

For Honda XL125 1974-1975
For Honda CT125 1976-1985
For Honda SL100 1970-1973
For Honda CB100 1970-1972
For Honda CL100 1971-1973
For Honda XL100 1974-1979
  • RB-087-1

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Product Name: Honda CB100 CL100 SL100 XL100 Motorcycle Carburetor


The Honda CB100 Carburetor is engineered to deliver optimal fuel-air mixture for Honda motorcycle dirt Bike, pit dirt bike, ensuring efficient combustion and reliable performance. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this honda CL100 carburetor is a trusted choice for riders seeking enhanced fuel delivery.

Key Features

Precise Fuel Metering: Ensures accurate and consistent fuel delivery for smooth acceleration and power output.

Enhanced Combustion: Facilitates thorough mixing of fuel and air for improved engine efficiency and performance.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand rugged riding conditions and provide long-lasting reliability.

Easy Adjustment: Allows for easy tuning and adjustment to adapt to varying riding conditions and preferences.


Material: High-quality aluminum alloy

Compatible Motorcycle Models: Honda motorcycle dirt bike models

Inlet Diameter: 1.02 inches

Weight: 0.825g

Color: Silver

honda cb100 carburetor


Ideal for a wide range of Honda motorcycle models, including street bikes, off-road bikes, and touring motorcycles.

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Enhanced power output: A clean carburetor can ensure full combustion of fuel, provide more power output, and maximize engine performance.Regular cleaning and inspection are recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the carburetor. Periodic adjustment may be required based on riding conditions.


The Honda CL100 Motorcycle Carburetor offers riders a dependable and high-performance fuel delivery solution, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of their Honda motorcycles.

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