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PZ26 XR100 XR100R CRF100F CB125 TRX250 TRX250EX RECON Carburettor

Brand : Runtong
Type : Carburettor
Fuel Type : Gasoline
Exterior Finish : Machined
Material : Aluminum Alloy
  • RB-004

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Size: Intake Inside Diameter: 26mm;

Air Filter Mount Outside Diameter: 42mm;

Bolt Hole Spacing Length: 48mm.

PZ26 Carburettor


Introducing the PZ26 Carburettor, the ultimate fuel-mixing maestro for your ride! This bad boy is compatible with a whole range of Honda bikes, from the classic XR100 to the mighty CRF100F. But that's not all, folks! It's also a perfect fit for the CB125S, XL100S, and XL125S models from the good ol' days.

But wait, there's more! This pz26 cable choke carburettor isn't just limited to Honda's finest. It's also ready to rock with GY6 150cc ATV QUADs, karting cars, and off-road vehicles. Taotao, Buyang, Coolsort, Kazuma, SunL, Roketa – you name it, this carburettor can handle it!

So, why settle for a carburettor that only works with one type of bike when you can have the PZ26 Carburettor that's versatile enough to party with Honda and non-Honda vehicles alike? Get ready for a fuel-mixing extravaganza that'll make your engine purr like a contented kitten. Don't miss out on this carburettor that's as funny as it is functional!

Feature Of Product

This PZ26 carburettor is manufactured to the highest production standards which means that it is good at mixing fuel and air,keeps your engine running smoothly and prevents engine from lacking of oil or spilling.

Application Areas

PZ26 Carburetor Compatible with CB125 XL125S 250 TRX250EX Recon.

Compatible with GY6 150cc ATV Go-Kart Buggy and Dirt bike. 

Compatible with Taotao.

Compatible with Buyang.

Compatible with Coolsort.

Compatible withKazuma.

Compatible with SunL.

Compatible with Roketa.

Compatible with AIM-EX.

Performance Parameters

For 1981-1984 Honda XR100, 1985-2004 Honda XR100R, 2004-2013 Honda CRF100F, 1973-1985 & 1990 Honda CB125S, 1979-1985 Honda XL100S, 1979-1985 Honda XL125S, 1980-1984 Honda XR200, 1981-2002 Honda XR200R, TRX250 TRX250EX Recon, Honda CB125, XR Recon 125cc& ATC185, ATC185S, ATC200, ATC200S, ATC200X, GY6 150cc ATV QUAD Go-Kart Buggy and Dirt bike, Taotao, Buyang, Coolsort, Kazuma, SunL, Roketa, AIM-EX

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