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Racing PWK36 PWK 36 36MM Motorcycle Carburetor

Compatible With

33mm fit on 250cc to 300cc engine
34mm fit on 250cc to 350cc engine
35mm fit on 250cc to 350cc engine
36mm fit on 300cc to 400cc engine
38mm fit on 350cc to 450cc engine
40mm fit on 400cc to 500cc engine
42mm fit on 450cc to 650cc engine

  • RB-252

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Introduction to carburetor

The PWK 36mm type carburetor is an air-fuel mixture regulating device for motorcycles and other internal combustion engine vehicles. It adopts the commonly used PWK series design with an air inlet diameter of 36 mm. This carburetor is often considered a high-performance option because of its ability to deliver more air and fuel mixture to support the engine's high power output. PWK 36mm carburetors can often be adapted to different engine and driving needs by adjusting the nozzle, float height and other parameters, so there is some flexibility in modification and performance optimization.

Parameters of carburetor

The PWK 36mm model carburetor is a common performance carburetor commonly used on motorcycles and other small engines. Here are its basic specifications:

Throat diameter: 36mm

Throttle valve: solenoid or manual

Fuel type: gasoline

Air filter interface inner diameter: 50mm

Fuel injection throat diameter: 6.5mm

Number of fuel injection throats: 1

Number of main nozzles: 4

Air conditioner: adjustable

Maximum power: Varies based on application

It should be noted that specific PWK 36mm models may have different specifications and configurations, which are subject to the actual product purchased.

pwk 36mm carburetor

Common functions of carburetor

Rapid Acceleration Pump: Some models of PWK 36mm carburetors are equipped with a rapid acceleration pump to provide additional fuel during acceleration to prevent fuel cutoff during acceleration.

Idle speed adjustment: The idle speed can be adjusted through the idle speed screw to maintain the stability of the engine at idle speed.

Main and Secondary Jets: PWK 36mm carburetors often have replaceable main and secondary jets to suit different engine needs and driving conditions.

Installation of Carburetor

PWK 36mm carburetors are typically used in high-performance motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, and racing. This type of carburetor is designed to provide higher fuel flow and air flow to meet the demands of high-performance engines. Therefore, it is usually used in applications that require larger fuel intake and more precise adjustment, such as racing cars, modified cars, and motorcycles with higher power performance requirements.

Carburetor Work Efficiency

PWK 36mm carburetor can provide high working efficiency when properly installed and adjusted. The following are some factors that can affect the working efficiency of PWK 36mm carburetor:

Fuel/Air Mixture Ratio: The correct fuel/air mixture ratio is critical to engine performance. By adjusting parameters such as the main nozzle hole, nozzle size and air regulator, you can ensure the best combustion effect.

Fuel Flow: The PWK 36mm carburetor is designed with large fuel flow capabilities to meet the needs of high-performance engines. Ensure adequate fuel supply to support the engine's high power output.

Air flow: Proper air flow is the key to ensuring combustion efficiency and power output. Adequate air supply can be ensured by using a high-performance air filter and adjusting the air regulator.

Adjustment Accuracy: PWK 36mm carburetors typically feature adjustable air and fuel adjustments, allowing fine adjustments for optimal operating efficiency.

Overall, the PWK 36mm carburetor provides efficient combustion and excellent performance when fitted to the correct engine and properly tuned. However, actual operating efficiency is also affected by other factors, such as engine design, exhaust system, etc.

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