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Keihin PWK32 PWK 32 32MM Motorcycle Carburetor

Engine Cylinder Side

32mm(ID) 40mm(OD)

Air Filter Side

50mm(ID) 55mm(OD)


  • RB-139

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Introduction Of Carburetor

The PWK 32mm carburetor is a high-performance motorcycle and motorcycle modification accessory designed to improve the engine's fuel mixture supply and increase combustion efficiency. This type of carburetor is often used on track motorcycles or modified motorcycles to provide more fuel and air mixture, thereby increasing the engine's power output and responsiveness.

The 32mm bore of the PWK 32mm carburetor means it has a larger intake port size, allowing more fuel and air mixture to enter the interior of the engine. This type of carburetor usually has an adjustable fuel injector that can be fine-tuned as needed to meet the needs of different engines.

Overall, the PWK 32mm carburetor is often viewed as a performance upgrade component that can help improve a motorcycle's acceleration, responsiveness, and fuel efficiency.

Specifications of Carburetor

PWK 32mm carburetors typically have the following specifications:

Diameter: 32 mm, this refers to the diameter of the carburetor body and determines the flow rate of the air and fuel mixture.

Main components: A carburetor usually consists of main components, including throttle valve, nozzle, float chamber, etc.

Throttle Valve Type: PWK 32mm typically features a disc throttle valve designed to provide more precise throttle control and improved acceleration response.

Nozzle size: Nozzle size affects the flow of fuel, and 32mm PWKs are usually equipped with nozzles suitable for specific engine configurations.

Applicable engines: Carburettors of this size are generally suitable for medium to large displacement motorcycle engines, providing sufficient fuel and air mixture to support high performance needs.

PWK 32MM Carburetor

Performance of Carburetor

PWK 32mm carburetors are known for their outstanding performance. Here are some of its key performance features:

ENHANCED ACCELERATION RESPONSE: PWK 32mm carburetor features precise throttle control and powerful fuel injection capabilities to deliver fast and smooth acceleration response.

Optimized fuel mixture control: This carburetor uses advanced design and technology to make the mixture of air and fuel more uniform and precise, providing better combustion efficiency and power output.

High-flow air inlet: The 32mm diameter allows a large amount of air to enter the engine smoothly, providing a greater oxygen supply, thereby increasing combustion efficiency and power.

Adjustable Nozzles and Throttle Valve: PWK 32mm carburetors are often equipped with adjustable nozzles and throttle valves, allowing users to make subtle adjustments based on actual needs for optimal performance.

Accommodating High-Performance Needs: Carburettors of this size are often widely used in high-performance applications such as racing cars or modified vehicles to meet higher fuel demands and greater power output.

Domain of Carburetor

As a high-performance carburetor, PWK 32mm carburetor can be adapted and widely used in various fields, especially where it is necessary to improve engine performance and response. Here are some examples of adaptation areas:

Motorcycle Modifications: PWK 32mm carburetors are often used in motorcycle modifications, especially when there is a need to increase engine power output and performance. They can deliver a larger fuel and air mixture to support the needs of a high-performance engine.

Kart Racing: In the field of kart racing, PWK 32mm carburetors are also widely used to provide fast acceleration response and better power output, helping drivers gain a competitive advantage.

Motocross: For motocross and cross-country racing, the high-performance features of the PWK 32mm carburetor provide reliable fuel supply and optimized response for complex terrain and driving conditions.

High-performance motorcycles: High-performance motorcycles and racing cars often choose PWK 32mm carburetors to achieve higher power output, faster acceleration and more responsive control.

Other small engine applications: In addition to motorcycles, the PWK 32mm carburetor can also be adapted to other small engine applications, such as snowmobiles, ATVs, watercrafts, etc., providing more powerful performance and reliability.

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