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Keihin PWK28 PWK 28 28MM Motorcycle Carburetor

Engine Cylinder Side:28mm(ID) 35mm(OD)
Air Filter Side:45mm(ID) 50mm(OD)
Package Includes: 1*Carburetor,3 *Fuel line and 2 *reserve main jet/slow jet.

  • RB-137

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PWK 28MM Carburetor is a carburetor for motorcycles. The specific specifications are as follows:

Aperture: 28 mm

Applicable models: Universally applicable to many motorcycle brands and models

Material: usually made of aluminum alloy

Function: Used to mix air and gasoline to provide the fuel mixture required by the engine

Other features: It has the functions of adjusting air-fuel ratio and improving combustion efficiency.

Please note that different brands and models of PWK 28MM Carburetor may have slight differences. Specific specifications are subject to the actual product manual.

PWK 28MM Carburetor


The PWK 28MM Carburetor is an excellent performance carburetor with the following features and capabilities:

Excellent fuel mixing performance: PWK 28MM Carburetor is well designed to provide a stable and appropriate air-fuel ratio to ensure the engine obtains the best fuel mixture.

Fast response and acceleration: This carburetor can respond quickly to throttle operation, providing smooth acceleration performance and giving the motorcycle better power output.

Efficient combustion: Through accurate fuel supply, the PWK 28MM Carburetor can improve combustion efficiency, thereby improving engine performance.

Easy to adjust: The carburetor has the function of adjusting the air-fuel ratio. Users can fine-tune the carburetor according to actual needs to obtain the best performance.

Overall, the PWK 28MM Carburetor is an excellent carburetor, suitable for improving the power output and combustion efficiency of motorcycles.

Operating mode

PWK 28MM Carburetor is a carburetor that works based on the vacuum principle. Its working mode mainly involves the following steps:

Mixed gas entry: When the engine is working, the piston moves downward, forming a negative pressure in the cylinder. At this point, the throttle valve in the PWK 28MM Carburetor opens, allowing air to pass through the air filter and into the carburetor.

Fuel Injection: As air flows in, fuel is injected from the carburetor's fuel injector into the air flow to form a mixture.

The mixture enters the cylinder: The mixed air and fuel enter the engine cylinder, waiting for ignition and combustion.

Ignition combustion: The mixture is ignited and burned in the cylinder, generating energy that pushes the piston downward.

Exhaust gas emission: The burned exhaust gas is discharged from the cylinder through the exhaust valve and circulates for the next round of work.

Through these steps, the PWK 28MM Carburetor can ensure that the engine receives the proper amount of mixture to ensure normal engine operation and provide the required power output.

Installation model

The PWK 28MM Carburetor is a universal carburetor suitable for many motorcycle makes and models. Generally speaking, it can be installed on many motorcycles with different displacements to improve engine performance and combustion efficiency. Specific applicable models include but are not limited to:

Sports Bikes

Cruiser Motorcycles

Commuter Motorcycles

Touring Motorcycles

Off-Road Motorcycles

Motocross Bikes

Since the PWK 28MM Carburetor is a universal carburetor, some adjustments and adaptations may be required during installation depending on the specific car model. Before installation, it is recommended to consult the relevant installation instructions or consult a professional technician to ensure that the carburetor can be installed correctly and perform optimally.

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