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Yamaha Crypton T105 T110 JS110 JYM110 JY110 Carburetor

Compatible With Models

Yamaha T105 Crypton
Yamaha T110 Crypton
Yamaha Jianshe JS110-B/J/3H
Yamaha JY110 Crypton
Yamaha Jianshe JYM110

  • RB-184

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Introduction to carburetor


Jianshe Yamaha JS110-B/J/3H JYM110 JY110 F8 110cc VIVA R115 SIGMA Motorcycle Carb

Yamaha Crypton T105 T110 JS110 JY110 100CC 110CC Moto


Inner Diameter: 22mm

Bolt Hole Distance: 42mm

The Yamaha crypton T105 is a motorcycle model produced by Yamaha Corporation and equipped with a fuel system called a carburetor. The Yamaha Crypton T110 Carburetor is a component in an internal combustion engine that mixes air and gasoline and then sends the mixture into the engine for combustion to produce power. By adjusting the carburetor, the fuel supply to the engine can be controlled to balance fuel economy and performance. In the Yamaha T105, the Yamaha JY110 Carburetor plays a key role in the vehicle's fuel efficiency and performance.

crypton T105 Caburetor

Advantages of carburetor

The Yamaha T105's carbs are generally made up of the following components:

Main oil circuit: controls the supply of the main fuel mixture.

Secondary oil circuit: Responsible for providing fuel supply at low speed and idle speed.

Idle speed regulator: Used to adjust the air and fuel mixture ratio at idle speed.

Floater: Controls the amount of fuel entering the carb to keep it at the proper level.

Spout: Mixes air and fuel by injecting fuel.

Valve: Controls the amount of air entering the carb to mix with fuel.

Composition of carburetor

The Yamaha JYM110 Carburetor of Yamaha T105 is an important component in the internal combustion engine. Its main working principle is as follows:

Air Intake: When the engine is running, air enters the carb through the air filter.

Mixture formation: Inside the carb, air mixes with fuel, a process controlled by jets and nozzles. The ratio of air to fuel depends on the size of the nozzle and the location of the nozzle.

Adjust the mixture: By adjusting different components in the carb, such as the floater, idle regulator and main oil line, the mixture ratio can be adjusted to adapt to the engine needs under different speeds and load conditions.

Entering the engine: The final mixture enters the engine cylinder and is compressed and ignited together with the piston in the cylinder to drive the engine.

How carburetor works

The Yamaha T105's carb (Carburetor) has some advantages, such as:

Simple and reliable: Traditional carbs have a simple design, stable structure, and are easy to maintain and adjust.

Affordable: Relative to some advanced fuel injection systems, carbs cost less and are easy to replace and repair.

Strong adaptability: Carbohydrates have good adaptability under different working conditions and can meet the needs of the engine under different speeds and load conditions.

Rapid response: The Yamaha JS110 Carburetor can quickly adjust the fuel mixture ratio, making the engine more responsive when accelerating and idling.

Although carbs are gradually being replaced by fuel injection systems in the automotive industry, they are still an affordable and reliable option for some traditional motorcycle or small engines.

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