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Yamaha YBR125 FACTOR XTZ125 4 Stroke Motorcycle Carburetor

1. Efficient fuel mixing
2. Adjustable air-fuel ratio
3. Easy to install
  • Factor / XTZ 125

  • RB-081

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Product Name: Yamaha YBR125 FACTOR XTZ125 4 Stroke Motorcycle Carburetor


The Yamaha YBR125 Motorcycle Carburetor is a precision-engineered fuel delivery system designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of Yamaha motorcycles. With its optimized design and durable construction, this Yamaha XTZ125 carburetor is an ideal choice for riders seeking reliable and high-performance fuel delivery.

Key Features

Enhanced Fuel Atomization: Ensures thorough mixing of fuel and air for improved combustion and power output.

Customizable Air-Fuel Ratio: Allows riders to fine-tune performance based on riding conditions and preferences.

Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime and maximizing riding time.

Sleek Design: The carburetor's sleek design not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes airflow efficiency.


Material: Aluminum alloy

Compatible Motorcycle Models: Yamaha motorcycle models(2008-2010)

Inlet Diameter: 0.98 inches

Outlet Diameter: 1.37 inches

Weight: 950g

Color: Silver/As Picture

YAMAHA YBR125 Carburetor


Ideal for a wide range of Yamaha motorcycle models, You can also search yamaha ybr125 carburetor,yamaha factor 125 carburetor,yamaha xtz125 carburetor,yamaha 4 stroke motorcycle carburetor to learn about this carburetor.


Improve fuel economy Regular cleaning of the carburetor can ensure that components such as nozzles and throttle valves are unobstructed, thereby ensuring normal fuel mixing, improving fuel utilization efficiency, and reducing fuel consumption.


The YBR125 Motorcycle Carburetor offers riders a reliable and high-quality fuel delivery solution, enhancing the overall performance of their Yamaha motorcycles.

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