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Bajaj Platina 100 CT100 BM100 4 Stroke Carburetor

Material: Zinc alloy
Packing: Neutral box
Net Weight: 460G
Gross weight: 510G
1PC box size: 14*11*9cm
Package Content: 1PC Carburetor

  • RB-121

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Carburetor Introduction

Bajaj CT100 is an entry-level motorcycle that is very popular in India and some other countries. It is known for its durability, fuel efficiency and economy. The CT100 is equipped with a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, which is usually paired with a carburetor to provide a mixture of fuel and air to the engine. Here is some basic information regarding the carburetor specifications of the Bajaj CT100:

Intake Side Inner Diameter : 19mm Bolt Hole Center Distance : 48mm

Compatible With Models:For Bajaj Platina 100 CT100 BM100 4 Stroke Motorcycle Engine.

Bajaj Ct100 Motorcycle Carburetor Carb For Vespa Bajaj Chetak 4 Stroke Bajaj125 175 Ct100 Bm100

Type: Bajaj CT100 uses a micro carburetor which is specially designed for scooter engines to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

Size: While specific sizes may vary depending on the model year, the CT100's carburetor is generally smaller and designed to fit its 99.27cc engine.

Injection hole size (if applicable): For many motorcycle carburetors, the size of the injection hole is an important parameter because it affects the mixing ratio of fuel and air. However, for the specific injection hole size of your Bajaj CT100, you may need to consult the official service manual or contact the manufacturer for accurate information.

Adjustment: The Bajaj CT100's carburetor usually has an air-fuel ratio adjustment screw that allows for fine adjustments to ensure optimal running performance. Proper adjustment ensures good starting performance, smooth idle speed and excellent acceleration performance.

Maintenance: Regular carburetor cleaning and maintenance is essential to maintain the performance of your Bajaj CT100. This includes checking for any blockages, keeping the injection holes clean and making sure all connections are tight and leak-free.


How to install CT100 carburetor

Tool preparation: Make sure you have the tools you need, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, etc.

Safety measures: Before starting, make sure the motorcycle is turned off and operating on a stable surface to avoid sliding or tipping.

Cleaning: Before removing the old carburetor, clean the surrounding area to prevent dust or debris from getting inside the engine.

Remove old carburetor

Close the fuel valve: To prevent fuel leakage, first shut off the fuel supply.

Remove the fuel line: Use an appropriate tool (usually pliers) to gently remove the fuel line connected to the carburetor.

Loosen the retaining screws: Use a screwdriver or wrench to loosen the screws or clips holding the carburetor in place.

Remove the old carburetor: After making sure all connections are disconnected, carefully remove the old carburetor.

Install new carburetor

Inspect the new carburetor: Before installation, check that the new carburetor is in good condition and make sure it is designed for your BAJAJ CT100 model.

Attach the new carburetor: Place the new carburetor into position and install it by reversing the steps for removing the old carburetor. First connect any necessary connections or pipes, then secure the carburetor to the engine.

Fixing Screws: Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten the screws or clips holding the carburetor in place to ensure the carburetor is securely in place.

Connect the fuel line: Reconnect the fuel line and make sure there are no leaks at the connection.

Open the fuel valve: After completing all connections, open the fuel valve and check for leaks.

Inspection and testing

Check for leaks: Before starting the engine, carefully check for fuel leaks around the carburetor.

Start the engine: After making sure everything is working properly, start the engine and let it idle to check the performance of the carburetor.

Adjustment: Adjust the air-fuel ratio as needed to ensure smooth engine operation.

Application Models

This is a motorcycle carburetor suitable for India.

Precise Fuel and Air Mixture Ratio: A high-quality carburetor provides a precise fuel and air mixture ratio, which is critical to engine economy and performance. If the BM100 Carburetor is well designed, it may improve the engine's efficiency and power output by precisely controlling the mixture ratio.

Ability to adapt to different operating conditions: Good carburetor design can maintain engine performance under different ambient temperatures, altitudes and driving conditions. If the BM100 Carburetor has this ability to flexibly adapt to the environment, it will provide users with a more stable and reliable driving experience.

Improved starting performance: Engine starting can be problematic in cold temperatures or other extreme conditions. A carburetor with obvious advantages, such as the BM100 Carburetor, may be designed with special starting assist functions, such as electronic preheating or enrichment devices, to improve starting performance.

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