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CVK30 CVK 30 30MM 150CC 200CC 250CC Carburetor

100% Brand New, Never Mounted, High Quality
Material: Aluminum
Fits all the motorcycle scooters ATV with GY6 150-250CC engine.

  • RB-033

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Introduction of CVK 30MM Carburetor

CVK 30mm carburetor is a type of carburetor commonly used in motorcycle engines. It is designed to provide the air-fuel mixture needed for combustion in the engine. The 30mm size refers to the diameter of the carburetor's throttle bore, which determines the amount of air and fuel that can flow into the engine.

These carburetors are known for their reliability and are often used in small to mid-sized motorcycles, providing good performance and fuel efficiency. They are also adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune the air-fuel mixture for optimal engine performance under different conditions.

Specifications of CVK 30MM Carburetor

CVK 30mm carburetors typically have the following specifications:

Throttle Bore Diameter: 30 mm. This refers to the diameter of the throttle valve inside the carburetor, which controls the amount of air and fuel entering the engine.

Main Jet Size: There is usually a main jet on the carburetor, which is used to adjust the fuel flow in the main oil line. For CVK 30mm carburetors, the main jet size may vary within a specific range to meet the needs of different engines.

Idle Jet Size: The idle jet is used to adjust the amount of fuel required to run the engine at idle speed. CVK 30mm carburetors will usually come with an appropriately sized idle jet.

Mixture Screw: A mixture ratio regulator used to adjust the air-fuel ratio. It is usually located outside the carburetor and can be rotated to adjust the air-fuel ratio.

Other Features: CVK 30mm carburetor may also have other features such as accelerator pump, cold start device, etc. to provide better power performance and fuel economy.

Throttle Bore Diameter: 30mm

Main Jet Size: usually adjusted within a range to accommodate different engine needs

Idle Jet Size: May vary depending on specific settings

Mixture Screw: used to adjust the air-fuel ratio

Accelerator Pump: Sometimes equipped to provide additional fuel when accelerating

Cold start device (Choke): used to assist air-fuel ratio adjustment during cold start

Applicable models: Suitable for various motorcycle engines with different displacements

CVK30 Carburetor

Adaptation areas of CVK 30MM Carburetor

CVK 30mm carburetors are generally suitable for a variety of motorcycle engines, and are especially widely used on small to medium displacement motorcycles. These carburetors are commonly found on a variety of different makes and models of motorcycles, including but not limited to:

Commuter Motorcycles: Small urban commuter motorcycles often feature CVK 30mm carburetors because they provide good fuel economy and reasonable power delivery.

Off-road motorcycles: Some medium-displacement off-road motorcycles may also be equipped with CVK 30mm carburetors to provide reliable power output and good responsiveness.

Cruiser Motorcycles: Some mid-displacement cruiser motorcycles may use this type of carburetor for smooth acceleration and ride.

Street cars/sports cars: CVK 30mm carburetors can also be seen on some motorcycle sports cars and street cars. They are usually used to provide efficient fuel supply and power output.

Overall, the CVK 30mm carburetor is suitable for many different types of motorcycles, especially those that require a relatively small size carburetor.

Use of CVK 30MM Carburetor

CVK 30mm carburetor is mainly used for the mixture supply of internal combustion engines. Here are some of the main uses for CVK 30mm carburetors:

Motorcycle engines: CVK 30mm carburetors are usually widely used in motorcycle engines of various brands and models, including commuter motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, cruise motorcycles, etc. They provide reliable fuel supply and regulation to ensure proper engine operation.

Small engines: In addition to motorcycle engines, CVK 30mm carburetors can also be used in some small internal combustion engines, such as lawn mowers, generators, etc. These equipment usually require an effective mixture supply system to ensure normal operation.

Other mechanical equipment: CVK 30mm carburetors can also be seen on some mechanical equipment that require internal combustion engines. They can provide reliable fuel supply and adapt to different working environments and load requirements.

Generally speaking, CVK 30mm carburetors are mainly used in various internal combustion engine equipment to ensure that the engine obtains the appropriate amount of mixed gas to achieve efficient combustion and power output. They play an important role in motorcycles, small engines and other mechanical equipment.

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