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Yamaha 30MM 32MM 34MM Motorcycle Throttle Body

Type :   Throttle Body                                         Package : 20PCS/ Carton

Brand name     :    Runtong / OEM                   Materaial:  Aluminum Alloy

Quality         :    High quality                              Rough Weight  :0.655KG

Fit For        :     Motorcycle                                 Service : Customizable OEM

  • Aerox 155 NVX 155


  • RB-TB005

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Product Detail

The central part of the carburetor is hollow, which is the basic structure of the Yamaha Aerox 155 NVX155 Aerox155 Motorcycle Throttle Body. The air will flow through this place quickly, and the oil will be sucked up through the nozzle to achieve the function of oil and gas atomization. 

According to this basic structure, the ratio of air intake and oil intake is not easy to adjust, so the general practice is to design a small air passage on the outside, so that aerox155 throttle body air can pass through this at the same time. 

Aerox 155 3 款TB005节气门体 (1)TB005节气门体 (3)

Company Advantages

The product adopts the latest technology, energy saving and environmental protection, 2D and 3D technology cooperate with each other. To ensure that Runtong brand products occupy a leading position in the field of research and development technology in the market, so that agents and distributors have the initiative in the market. The unique function and appearance ensure the continuous and stable development of the market.


Company Profile

According to the development strategy of science and technology, the company aims to build a state-owned capital motorcycle operation company featuring comprehensive urban operation, takes construction, operation and service of motorcycle customers as its functions.

And takes strategic transformation and management improvement as its main line to realize the mission of the capital of motorcycles. Two-dimensional interaction with enterprise management, service strategic focus, comprehensive operation of company resources, focus on the development of the carburetor industry, 


Packing And Shipping

1. Single-layer or multi-layer staggered stacking, stretch or shrink packaging of rigid rectangular goods such as wooden, paper and metal containers.

2. Single-layer or multi-layer staggered stacking of paper or fibrous goods, and cross-sealed with strapping tapes.

3. Single-layer or multi-layer stacking of cylindrical cargo such as sealed metal containers and reinforcement of wooden cargo covers.

4. Single-layer or multi-layer stacking of fragile goods, adding wooden support clapboard structure.


After-sales Processing

1. When the product you purchased fails, you can go to the place where the product was purchased with valid certificates such as the purchase invoice and the warranty card and request to apply for the warranty replacement service on your behalf.

2. For the cases that meet the warranty and replacement regulations, the dealer can directly guarantee the product to the customer, and other cases need to be negotiated before operation.

3. The transportation cost in the warranty is borne by the customer, and we will not help the customer to pay in advance.

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