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Honda 34mm 16400-K31-901 16400K31901 Motorcycle Throttle Body

Type :   Motorcycle Throttle Body                    Package : 40 Pcs / Carton

Brand name     :    OEM  ODM                           Materaial:  Aluminum

Rough Weight  :   0.655KG                                 Fit For      :    Motorcycle

Throttle Plate Diameter   : 34mm                     Shipping  : Air Sea Land Transport

  • Honda 16400-K31-901

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Product Description

Honda 34mm 16400-K31-901 16400K31901 Motorcycle Throttle Body. There is a lot of dust around. 16400-K31-901 motorcycle throttle body Although there is an air filter, there will still be fine dust that leaks from the net. Of course, a poor quality air filter will exacerbate the dirty situation, and a poor quality oil will evaporate more. Honda 34mm 16400-K31-901 throttle body It is also one of the reasons for the dirty. Even the better oil will have some evaporation phenomenon. The evaporation will mix with impurities through the crankcase and stick to the throttle valve.

The sensor in the throttle valve is relatively fragile, and the carburetor cleaning agent can easily destroy the sensor. After the sensor senses error, it is easy to make the idle speed high, although the EFI system has a certain adaptive function.

When cleaning the throttle valve, it is recommended to use a special throttle valve cleaning agent. It is also a good choice to use gasoline to clean it. After cleaning, use the air pump to dry the throttle valve as soon as possible, and then install it back on the engine.

Honda 34mm 16400-K31-901 16400K31901 Motorcycle Throttle Body (4)

Product Advantages

1. We have a large variety of models of products.

2. All our products have passed the quality inspection of the instrument.

3. Our products all have national certification marks.

4. We have specialized product development equipment.


Company Profile

1. Compared with the same industry, we have more experience and customers in motorcycle carburetor.

2. Customers say that the quality of our products is very good.

3. Our sales are based on the real needs of customers.

4. We will form a team according to customer needs to meet customer requirements.

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Product Packaging

1. In terms of product packaging, we have adopted the internal and external structure of cartons and cartons.

2. We have cooperated with a number of packaging companies to meet the packaging requirements of customers.

3. We will strengthen and stabilize the product on the packaging to avoid product damage.

4. The packaging boxes corresponding to products of different sizes are also different.



Q1. Do you have after-sales service for your products?

A1. Any of our products have after-sales service.

Q2. Are your products imported?

A2. Our products are made in China, but foreign technology will be introduced.

Q3. Through what channels can I know about your products?

A3. Our company has an independent sales website for sales.

Q4. How can I get to know your company?

A4. We can provide relevant news about the customer's company.

Q5. Do you have credit guarantee for the product?

A5. Customers keep good comments on our products.

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