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Honda 16400-KWT-701 36mm Motorcycle Throttle Body

Type :   Motorcycle Throttle Body                    Package : 20 Pcs/ Carton

Brand name     :    OEM                                      Materaial:  Aluminum Alloy

Rough Weight  :0.655KG                                   Fit For      :     Motorcycle 

Throttle Plate Diameter   : 36mm                      Shipping  : Air Sea Land Transport

  • Honda 16400-KWT-701

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Product Description

The role of the Honda 16400-KWT-701 36mm Motorcycle Throttle Body is to control the flow of air in and out of the engine. When air enters the engine, it mixes with gasoline to form a gas mixture that powers it.Thr throttle body Throttle Plate diameter is 36mm.

Although the throttle body is a small part in the engine, this small part has a very large effect. In the process of working, the 16400-KWT-701 throttle body controls the intake air of the engine like a valve body.

The engine will generate a part of exhaust gas in the process of working, and a small part of the exhaust gas will enter the throttle valve, and the position of the throttle valve will form carbon deposits, which will affect the power of the engine and increase the fuel consumption of the engine. 

Honda 16400-KWT-701 36mm Motorcycle Throttle Body (4)

Product Advantage 

1. Our products are easy to install, disassemble and use.

2. The product has high performance, low fuel consumption and long driving time.

3. The quality of our products can ensure that customers use them for a long time.

4. Our product models and models are matched.

5. Our products are all subject to quality inspection by instruments.

Company Profile

Runtong has a group of experienced, dedicated and pragmatic professional construction personnel, scientific professional management, professional material distribution personnel, high-quality engineering construction, and perfect after-sales service, which fully guarantees the quality of decoration projects. 

The company's engineering management personnel have many years and more than 20 years of management level. The management personnel are good at R&D and construction management of various large projects. Different project fields have their own various professional management engineering levels, and according to the construction plans of various design styles, to ensure consistent quality and effect. 

The special professionals of Ruiling Company ensure that the design concept remains unchanged, the management method is integrated with the requirements of each different customer, and the company and the customer's design ideals are realized and the goals are successfully completed.海报-04 (1)Runtong_副本工厂history1

Packing and Shipping

1. Different products correspond to different inner boxes.

2. Our outer box adopts the company's unified paper outer box.

3. The outer box of the product can be designed according to customer requirements.

4. When shipping by sea, we will carry out pallet packaging and transportation.



Q1. Do you have after-sales service for your products?

A1. Any of our products have after-sales service.

Q2. Are your products imported?

A2. Our products are made in China, but foreign technology will be introduced.

Q3. What type of products does your company have?

A3. Our products include the top of the engine and the top of the body.

Q4. Are you a direct seller?

A4. Yes, our independent production and marketing company.

Q5. Do you have overseas direct sales stores?

A5. We do not have this for the time being.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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