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Yamaha NMAX 155 NMAX155 32mm Motorcycle Throttle Body

Type :   Motorcycle Throttle Body                    Package : 40 PCS/ Carton

Brand name     :    OEM                                      Materaial:  Aluminum

Rough Weight  :0.615KG                                   Fit For      :     Motorcycle 

  • NMAX150 NMAX155 NMAX 155

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Product Content

In order to improve the starting performance of the Yamaha NMAX 155 NMAX155 32mm Motorcycle Throttle Body, the starting thickening device is specially set up. The motorcycle starting thickening device mainly has two structural forms:

Choke door mechanism: 32mm motorcycle throttle body The choke door mechanism is a relatively simple mechanical device and is generally used for straddle-type vehicles (such as CG125 motorcycles). You can use the nmax155 throttle body method of pulling the choke door handle to observe whether the choke door piece moves with it to judge whether it is normal or not. This device has fewer failures.

Bypass enrichment system: There are many types of nmax 155 throttle body bypass enrichment systems, and the most widely used are electric heating and manual bypass enrichment systems. Electrothermal bypass enrichment systems are generally used in scooters.

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Packing and Shipping

Through the packaging reliability testing of a regular third-party packaging testing agency, the transportation packaging will be rationalized and improved from the following aspects:

1. Have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

2. With waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-corrosion and other protection capabilities.

3. The packaging materials should be economical and safe.

4. The size, weight, logo and form of the packaging should conform to international and national industry standards for easy handling and disassembly.

5. Can meet environmental protection requirements.

6. It can be operated safely and conveniently, which can reduce the labor intensity of the handling personnel.

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