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Honda 16400-K65-B01 16400K65B01 22mm Motorcycle Throttle Body

Type :   Throttle Body                                         Package : 40 Pcs / Carton

Brand name     :    OEM                                      Materaial:  Aluminum Alloy

Rough Weight  :0.565KG                                    Fit For      :     Motorcycle 

Throttle Plate Diameter   : 22mm                      Shipping  : Air Sea Land Transport

  • Honda 16400-K65-B01

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Product Detail

Honda 16400-K65-B01 22mm Motorcycle Throttle Body.When you twist the throttle, the throttle clip rotates to tighten the throttle cable, and the other end of the throttle cable pulls the semi-circle wheel on the throttle valve. 16400-K65-B01 Throttle Body the rotation of the semi-circle wheel drives the throttle valve in the throttle cavity to rotate, reducing the blocking area and allowing more Air enters, in fact, 22mm Motorcycle Throttle Body what we have always said about turning the throttle actually controls the valve, but everyone is used to it, and it does not hurt.

When some throttles are removed, it will be found that there is a small hole on the throttle valve, or it cannot be completely closed. Honda 22MM Throttle Body This is a normal phenomenon, all because the air can enter the cylinder normally when the car is idling, and the number of cylinders in each car is displacement. Differently, the throttle valve will have multiple cylinders.

Honda 16400-K65-B01 16400K65B01 22mm Motorcycle Throttle Body (4)

Product Advantage

1. Our products can provide customers with the safest protection.

2. Our products can provide the best guarantee.

3. Our products have a one-year after-sales service.

4. High quality, high efficiency and long life are all our qualities.


Company Advantage

The wenzhou runtong company focuses on the design, integration and service of logistics informatization solutions. It has extremely rich experience in the construction and application of geographic information and location services, and has the ability to independently implement software and hardware product development and supporting operation and maintenance services. 

The business scope includes Information system overall design, information strategic planning, technology development, system integration, data integration, management consulting and operation and maintenance services. The company has self-developed products and related accessories, providing the most comprehensive sales services and product needs for the group and customers.


海报-04 (1)Runtong_副本工厂history1

Packing and Shipping

1. The packaging size corresponding to each product is different.

2. The packaging of the product follows the principles of beauty, practicality and convenience.

3. We will strengthen the product during the packaging process.

4. During transportation, the outer box of the product will be pasted with relevant information.



Q1. Do you have after-sales service for your products?

A1. Any of our products have after-sales service.

Q2. Are your products imported?

A2. Our products are made in China, but foreign technology will be introduced.

Q3. What type of products does your company have?

A3. Our products include the top of the engine and the top of the body.

Q4. Are you a direct seller?

A4. Yes, our independent production and marketing company.

Q5. Do you have overseas direct sales stores?

A5. We do not have this for the time being.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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