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Honda 26mm 16410-KVS-F01 Motorcycle Throttle Body

Type :   Motorcycle Throttle Body                    Package : 40Pcs / Carton

Brand name     :    OEM ODM                            Materaial:  Aluminum

Rough Weight  :   0.575KG                                 Fit For      :   Motorcycle

Color                  : As Sample                               Shipping  : Air Sea Land Transport

  • Honda 16410-KVS-F01

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Product Description

An electronic throttle valve belongs to a throttle valve component of an air intake system of an automobile engine. It includes a throttle body, a throttle valve plate, a throttle shaft, a DC motor, a gear reduction mechanism, and its signal is output to the throttle position sensor of the single-chip microcomputer, and also has a torsion spring, one end of which is fixed on the throttle body, and the other end is fixed on the On the gear of the throttle shaft; it also has an idle speed adjustment device

the outer adjustment screw is screwed on the throttle body, the inner adjustment screw is screwed into the inner cavity of the outer adjustment screw, the ejector rod is placed in the inner cavity of the outer adjustment screw, and there is a shoulder on it. , the outer end of the mandrel before the shoulder protrudes from the opening of the outer adjustment screw

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Company Profile

We have an internationally leading unique marketing model and a complete set of services. With a professional team, rigorous management, excellent products and equipment, and the demeanor of being eclectic and learning from others' strong points, the group is striving to build China's motorcycle parts capital." The perfect combination of Western technology and Eastern technology's automobile and motorcycle accessories products constitute our own unique personality and style.

After 20 years of solid operation, today's Wenzhou Runtong has become one of the outstanding enterprises with the most operating scale and influence in China's auto and motorcycle parts industry. After ten years of solid operation, today's Wenzhou Runtong has grown into one of the most powerful and influential companies in China's motorcycle industry.

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Company Advantages

1. Strong capital and technology

2. Strong production and processing capabilities

3. The main product with excellent quality

4. Flexible and efficient market development

5. Good reputation guarantee

6. Solid scientific research backing

Package and Shipping

1. In the process of packaging, it is necessary to check whether the main product is the correct product at all times, and there will never be product errors or product shortages.

2. We scrub each carburetor before putting it in the box. Ensure that the carburetor received by the customer is a clean and tidy product.

3. Our company has long-term cooperation with freight forwarders for many years, and we have our own special transportation company for efficient transportation.

4. The safety of the product during transportation is the first criterion. We will seal and pack the product to ensure that it will not be damaged.

5. If there is a problem with the product during transportation, we will take full responsibility.



1. How can I know more about your products?

If you are not interested, we will send a part of the time to explain our products to you.

2. Will your products fail?

Hello, products will fail under certain circumstances, but our products rarely have problems.

3. Are your products scientifically based?

This is definitely scientifically based, please rest assured.

4. Do you use inferior materials?

This is related to the safety in operation, and we will not use inferior materials.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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