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26MM Motorcycle Throttle Body Throttle Valve

Type :   Motorcycle Throttle Body                    Package : 40 Pcs / Carton

Brand name     :    OEM  ODM                           Materaial:  Aluminum

Rough Weight  :   0.588KG                                 Fit For      :    Motorcycle

Throttle Plate Diameter   : 26mm                     Shipping  : Air Sea Land Transport

  • 26mm Throttle Valve

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Product Description

Product Detail


Throttle Body


Box With Bubble Bag


0.588 KG


Picture Shown

Inner Diameter 

27.3 MM

Throttle Plate Diameter

26 MM


T/T Paypal



It includes a throttle body, a throttle valve plate, a throttle shaft, a DC motor, a gear reduction mechanism, and its signal is output to the throttle position sensor of the single-chip microcomputer, and also has a torsion spring, one end of which is fixed on the throttle body, and the other end is fixed on the On the gear of the throttle shaft.

It also has an idle speed adjustment device: the outer adjustment screw is screwed on the throttle body, the inner adjustment screw is screwed into the inner cavity of the outer adjustment screw, the ejector rod is placed in the inner cavity of the outer adjustment screw, and there is a shoulder on it. , the outer end of the mandrel before the shoulder protrudes from the opening of the outer adjustment screw.

TB030节气门体 (4)TB030节气门体 (2)

Company Introduction

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company with integrated production, processing and overseas trade. Our products have a good reputation in the Middle East, Western Europe, and America. If you are interested in motorcycle throttle body, we welcome potential clients to contact us.


Product Advantages

1. High purity and high density, high mechanical strength and relatively stable performance.

2. The surface can be treated with anti-oxidation and has a long service life.

3. Materials can be replaced according to customer requirements.

4. Heat and high temperature resistance, can operate for a long time.

Package and Shipping

1. Each product has a corresponding box, which should be matched when packaging.

2. The materials of our product boxes are of very high quality and will not be damaged.

3. Fast, cheap, stable and high-quality shipping is our criterion and goal.

4. The geographical location of our company is very suitable for the transportation of products.

包装 4运输图


Q1. Do you have any certification system for your products?

A1. Our products are all certified by ISO9001.

Q2. Are there different sizes of the same carburetor?

A2. This is available, and we can also customize it according to the size provided by the customer.

Q3. Will the goods be damaged during transportation?

A3. This is not possible, we will ensure that the goods received by customers are intact.

Q4. How long does it take to customize a product?

A4. This is based on the customer's purchase volume, and it takes about a month.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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