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Nachbau Sachs 504 505 Prima Hercules Bing 12mm Carburetor

Application Models

For Nachbau
For Sachs 504 505 85/10 85/12
For Prima
For Hercules
For Bing

  • RB-214-1

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Carburetor Information

The carburetor of the Sachs 505 engine is one of the key components of the engine. It is responsible for mixing air and fuel and delivering the mixture to the engine for combustion. Carburetor design and adjustment are critical to engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Sachs 505 engines are usually equipped with different types and sizes of carburetors to meet different needs and configurations. These carburetors usually consist of fuel injectors, throttle valves, floats, main nozzles, idle nozzles and other components. Its main working principle is to achieve fuel mixing and supply through the principles of vacuum and air flow.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Sachs 505 engine's carburetor is very important to ensure proper engine operation and optimal performance. Additionally, appropriate adjustments and modifications may be necessary depending on specific usage and needs.

In general, the carburetor of the Sachs 505 engine plays a vital role in engine performance and fuel efficiency, so its good maintenance and management is one of the keys to ensuring long-term stable operation of the engine.

sachs 505 carburetor

Engine Information

The Sachs 504 engine is a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine commonly used in mopeds and small motorcycles. Originally produced by Fichtel & Sachs AG, a German manufacturer, the Sachs 504 engine has been popular for its reliability and simplicity. It typically ranges from 50cc to 80cc in displacement and is known for its easy maintenance and robust design. Riders appreciate its smooth power delivery and efficiency, making it a popular choice for urban commuting and casual riding.

The Sachs 505 engine is a popular two-stroke internal combustion engine used in various mopeds and light motorcycles. It was produced by the German company Fichtel & Sachs AG. The Sachs 505 engine is known for its reliability, simple design, and ease of maintenance. It has been used in a variety of vehicles over the years and has gained a following among moped enthusiasts for its performance and durability.

The Hercules moped engine refers to the engines used in mopeds manufactured by Hercules, a German company that produced motorcycles and mopeds from the early 20th century until the late 1990s. Hercules mopeds were known for their reliable and efficient engines.

In terms of specifics, Hercules mopeds featured various engine models throughout their production history. Some popular engine models included Sachs, Fichtel & Sachs, and Zundapp engines. These engines typically ranged in displacement from 50cc to 80cc, providing adequate power for urban commuting and short-distance travel.

Hercules mopeds with these engines became popular choices for economical transportation in many European countries. However, it's important to note that Hercules mopeds are no longer in production, and availability of spare parts and support may vary depending on the region.

Carburetor Adaptability

The carburetor for a Sachs 505 engine is usually adapted to the design and specifications of that engine. This means that it matches the Sachs 505 engine in terms of dimensions, interfaces and performance to ensure proper operation and optimal performance.

However, it should be noted that different models and configurations of Sachs 505 engines may use different types or specifications of carburetors. Therefore, when selecting and replacing a carburetor, it is recommended to refer to original equipment specifications and recommendations or consult a professional technician to ensure the carburetor selected is compatible with your specific engine.

Additionally, for some special needs or modification purposes, you may want to select a carburetor that has been modified or tuned to meet specific performance requirements. In this case, it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic or supplier for recommendations on a carburetor suitable for your needs.

To sum up, the carburetor of the Sachs 505 engine is adapted to the design and specifications of the engine. For replacement or modification carburetors, refer to original equipment specifications, recommendations, or consult a professional to ensure the carburetor selected is compatible with your engine and meets your needs.

Carburetor Trends

The Sachs 505 engine carburetor is widely used to a certain extent, especially in early motorcycles and light motor vehicles. As a reliable two-stroke engine, the Sachs 505 engine has been widely used in various motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles in the past.

Due to its stability and good performance, the carburetor equipped with the Sachs 505 engine is generally recognized by users and technicians. These carburetors are relatively easy to adjust and maintain, making them popular in the repair and modification world.

However, with the continuous development of technology and changes in the motorcycle industry, some new engine and carburetor technologies have gradually replaced the traditional Sachs 505 engine and its matching carburetor. Therefore, while the Sachs 505 engine carburetor was once widely used, it may have become less common in the modern motorcycle market.

In general, the carburetor of the Sachs 505 engine was relatively widely used in the past, but with the advancement of technology and changes in market demand, its status may have declined. However, for some enthusiasts and vintage motorcycle collectors, the Sachs 505 engine and its carburetor still have a certain historical and practical value.

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