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Puch Bing 17 17mm Motorcycle Carburetor

Model as Bing
Connection manifold 23MM
Use for this Bing replica Nozzles
Standard size in it is: 78
Carburettors should always be cleaned before mounting

  • RB-212

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bing 17mm carburetor

The Bing 17mm carburetor is a popular choice for small displacement engines, such as those found on many motorcycles and mopeds. It is known for its reliability and performance, providing good fuel mixture delivery for efficient engine operation. The 17mm size refers to the diameter of the carburetor's throttle bore, which determines the amount of air and fuel mixture that can enter the engine. Overall, the Bing 17mm carburetor is a solid option for those looking to upgrade or replace their existing carburetor for improved performance.

Specifications of bing 17mm carburetor

The specifications of Bing 17mm carburetor are as follows:

Diameter (Throttle Bore Diameter): 17mm

Applicable engine displacement (Recommended Engine Displacement): approximately 50cc to 100cc

Main Jet Size: Typically between about 70 and 80, depending on the engine’s cylinder volume and performance needs

Pilot Jet Size: Usually between about 35 and 45, fine-tuned according to actual needs

Air/Fuel Mixture Adjustment: Usually adjusted by replacing the main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle and the idle screw adjustment screw

These specifications may vary by manufacturer, so it's a good idea to consult the product manual or guide for your specific model before purchasing or installing.

bing 17mm carburetor

Adaptability of bing 17mm carburetor

Bing 17mm carburetors are generally suitable for small motorcycles, scooters and other light vehicles with a displacement of 50cc to 100cc. This type of carburetor is commonly found on Sachs, Kreidler, Puch and other brands of motorcycles. However, exact fit will also depend on the design and arrangement of the engine, so when replacing a carburetor it is best to confirm product specifications and fit to ensure it will fit correctly and match the original engine.

Application of bing 17mm carburetor

Bing 17mm carburetors are commonly used on engines of small-displacement motorcycles, scooters and other light vehicles. It performs well in providing fuel mixture supply and is suitable for engines ranging from 50cc to 100cc displacement. This carburetor provides smooth performance when starting, accelerating, and idling, and is generally easy to adjust and maintain.

The Bing 17mm carburetor is designed to be simple and reliable for a variety of everyday city riding and commuting applications. It provides good fuel economy and relatively low maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for many small vehicles. Whether used as a replacement for the original equipment or as an upgrade, the Bing 17mm carburetor can provide reliable performance for your vehicle.

What are the functions of bing 17mm carburetor

Bing 17mm carburetor has several main functions:

Providing Proper Fuel Mixture Supply: The Bing 17mm carburetor ensures that the engine receives the proper air and fuel mixture to ensure optimal performance in combustion efficiency and power output.

Improved acceleration performance: Since the Bing 17mm carburetor provides a larger air intake passage, it is able to increase fuel supply and improve the engine's acceleration performance. This is useful for situations where a quick start or quick acceleration is required.

Smooth Idle Operation: The Bing 17mm carburetor is finely tuned to provide smooth idle operation, avoiding engine shudder or parking issues. This is very important for urban riding and standing waiting situations.

Improved Fuel Economy: Fuel economy may improve with the use of a Bing 17mm carburetor, allowing the engine to use fuel more efficiently. This is great for daily commuting and long rides.

Overall, the Bing 17mm carburetor can provide better fuel supply and stronger performance, making the vehicle smoother, more efficient and more reliable. However, specific efficacy may vary based on vehicle type, engine configuration and other factors. Therefore, before installing or replacing a carburetor, it is best to refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and ensure proper adjustment and fit.

How to choose a good bing 17mm carburetor

There are several factors to consider when choosing a good Bing 17mm carburetor:

Brand Reputation: Choosing a carburetor from a well-known brand ensures product quality and reliability. Some reputable motorcycle parts manufacturers may offer high-quality Bing 17mm carburetors.

Compatibility: Make sure the selected Bing 17mm carburetor is compatible with your vehicle's engine and has the correct mounting dimensions and connections. Consult the manufacturer's specification sheet to confirm suitability.

Performance needs: Choose the appropriate Bing 17mm carburetor based on your riding needs and engine configuration. If you need better acceleration, you can choose a carburetor with a larger nozzle size or a specific design.

Price and Budget: Choose the affordable and cost-effective Bing 17mm carburetor according to your budget. Note that quality and performance often correlate with price, so don’t focus on price and ignore quality.

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