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What problems we may confront when using throttle body?

​Although throttle body is widely applied in our daily life, and has brought us many benefits, we may still face some problems when using it. Addressing these problems and learning to maintain them in a correct manner help bring the potential of throttle body to the best.

08/ 10 / 2022
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What are the portfolios of throttle body?

​Throttle body is widely applied to many sectors for it is small, convenient and environmentally friendly. But some may not know different portfolios of throttle body can play different roles in our daily use.

08/ 08 / 2022
Where does deposit in the throttle body come from?

When cleaning the throttle body, many people may wonder where does deposit come from. Learning something in this regard can help prevent wrong ways to use it in our daily life, thus preventing the situation that deposits block the throttle body.

08/ 05 / 2022
How to clean throttle body?

Throttle body has long service life and can help reduce compounds such as CO, NO in the exhaust. But if we don’t clean the motorcycle sensor periodically, it may reduce its lifespan of it. Given its importance, we should learn to clean it correctly.

08/ 03 / 2022
What is the application of throttle body?

The throttle body can control liquid flow. When the pressure difference of throttle valve is limited, the opening size affects the change of flow. It helps reduce compounds in the exhaust.Why throttle body is so widely used?

08/ 01 / 2022
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