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What are the portfolios of throttle body?

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Throttle body is widely applied to many sectors for it is small, convenient and environmentally friendly. But some may not know different portfolios of throttle body can play different roles in our daily use.

  • What is the introduction of throttle body?

  • What are the portfolios of throttle body?

  • What are the types of throttle body?

What is the introduction of throttle body?

The throttle body can control fluid flow. When the pressure difference at both ends of the throttle body is fixed, the size of its opening affects the change of liquid flow. When the fluid flows into the throttle body, the throttle body serves as a buffer for the fluid. It will hinder the fluid to a certain extent and reduce the impact force of the fluid. The throttle body will reduce the pressure if it experiences a great drop. With different caliber, its internal structure and use are also different. But the basic principle is the same. The function of throttle body is similar to the faucet. If there is a large amount of water flowing out, we need to turn it down and there will be less water.

What are the portfolios of throttle body?

Throttle body is a valve that can control fluid flow by changing the length of throttle. If the throttle body and the one-way valve are connected in parallel, they can be combined into a one-way throttle valve. If it is combined with the two-way valve, then it is the two-way throttle body; The combination of throttle valve and overflow valve can also form a throttle speed regulation system. In short, different combinations are selected for different occasions. For example, in the portfolio of the above three throttle bodies, the throttle body is applied to the system. So, normally, there are three-speed regulation systems. They are inlet circuit throttling, return circuit throttling and bypass throttling. As the throttle body has no negative function and will not cause speed instability, it is mostly used in occasions where the requirement for speed stability is not high.

What are the types of throttle body?

The throttle body can be divided into straight one and angled types according to the channel mode. According to the shape of the hoist, there are three types: needle shape, groove shape and window shape. When it comes to whether it can be adjusted, the needle and core of adjustable throttle body are made of cemented carbide. The product is erosion resistant. It is mainly used for wellhead Christmas (gas) tree equipment. Its core adopts low-noise balanced structure and is easy to open. Its surface is covered with tungsten carbide. It is durable under the circumstance of harsh conditions such as flash, high pressure difference, high pressure and cavitation. It has long service life and greatly-improved accuracy of flow regulation. It is applicable to oil, natural gas, chemical industry, oil refining, hydropower and other industries.

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