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How to clean throttle body?

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Throttle body has long service life and can help reduce compounds such as CO, NO in the exhaust. But if we don’t clean the motorcycle sensor periodically, it may reduce its lifespan of it. Given its importance, we should learn to clean it correctly.

  • What is the difference between throttle body and speed regulating throttle?

  • How to clean throttle body?

  • How to adjust throttle body?

What is the difference between throttle body and speed regulating throttle?

The throttle body controls and regulates the cross-sectional area of fluid that flows in and out of the throttle body. During adjustment, the cross-sectional areas of inlet and outlet are the same. However, the speed regulating throttle is composed of a one-way valve and a throttle body. During regulation, the cross-sectional areas of inlet and outlet gas are different, and the fluid is only controlled in one direction, that is to say, the gas entering the cylinder is not under control so it cannot be regulated. Instead, the discharged gas is controlled and can be regulated.

How to clean throttle body?

It is necessary to clean the throttle body. If it has not been cleaned for a long time, the throttle body will be too dirty to use. The gas entering the diesel engine will bring in many residues, which will endanger the normal ignition of vehicle and reduce the output power of diesel engine. If it is more serious, idling and flameout will occur. After the throttle body is cleaned, calibrate the opening of the throttle body. If it is not calibrated, the throttle body may stall. Because the relativity of natural ventilation at it is higher while the temperature is lower, the oil will vapor and mixed carbon in the vapor caused by the operation of diesel engine are very easy to solidify here and produce oil scale. So, it needs cleaning. Otherwise, the acceleration will not be smooth when adding oil.

How to adjust throttle body?

Throttle body is one of the most basic flow control parts. The throttle body uses the change of the current to adjust the flow. The throttle body can be divided into simple throttle valve, adjustable throttle valve and unilateral throttle valve. The total flow at the inlet and outlet of the throttle valve is related to the pressure difference between the left and right at the throttle body. In order to better ensure that the total flow through the throttle body does not change with the load, the countermeasure at the other end is to maintain the pressure difference. There are two common ways to adjust throttle body. First, we need to connect the pressure regulating valve and throttle body to create a gap in pressure between them. The other is to connect the speed regulating valve and throttle valve. The speed regulating valve is not as reliable as that of pressure regulating valve.

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