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Where does deposit in the throttle body come from?

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When cleaning the throttle body, many people may wonder where does deposit come from. Learning something in this regard can help prevent wrong ways to use it in our daily life, thus preventing the situation that deposits block the throttle body.

  • Where does deposit in the throttle body come from?

  • What are the features of throttle body?

  • What function does throttle body have?

Where does deposit in the throttle body comes from?

Mechanical impurities or colloid, asphalt, carbon slag precipitated from oxidation of the throttling body. As the oil is extruded to produce charged molecules, and there is a difference on the surface of the throttling body, the molecules will be adsorbed to the gap surface. So a firm boundary adsorption layer is formed. It is so thick that it can affect the performance of the throttling body. When the above deposits and adsorbates grow to a certain thickness, they will be washed away by the liquid flow and then attached to the valve again. When its pressure difference is large enough, the degree of liquid extrusion will be enhanced. And the metal surface is more vulnerable to friction. Therefore, when the pressure difference is large, it is easy to produce blockage. PCV exhaust gas comes from the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber entering the crankcase through the piston gap and mixing with the engine oil steam. In order to avoid dilution and contamination of engine oil, the mixture will be pumped into the inlet by the positive crankcase ventilation system (PCV) to participate in secondary combustion. After the waste gas enters the inlet, it will condense and form liquid phase due to the decrease of temperature, and the "unstable components" will oxidize and condense at high temperature, forming oil dirt on the surface of throttle body. For turbocharged engines, exhaust gas driving mode is generally adopted, that is, the turbine is driven by the high-pressure exhaust gas generated by the exhaust passage, and the compressor blades in the inlet passage are driven by coaxial to create air flow in the inlet passage. However, under long-term and bad working conditions, the coaxial bearing is easy to result in volatilization of lubricating oil. And the inflation efficiency increases, which is easier to form heavy oil pollution and aggravate the adhesion of deposits in the throttle body. It will block the throttle body.

What are the features of throttle body?

Throttle body has many features. The utility model has a simple structure which makes it convenient to use. In addition, the manufacturing and maintenance cost of the throttle body is very low compared with other parts. The accuracy of adjustment is not high so it cannot be used for adjustment. The sealing surface is easy to be eroded by oxygen and others and cannot be used as the medium for cut off. Because it is a kind of valve, it has poor sealing.

What function does throttle body have?

Throttle body controls fluid flow by changing throttle section or throttle length. The main function of throttle body is to control liquid flow. When the pressure difference of throttle valve is limited, the opening size affects the change of flow. The function of throttle body is similar to the faucet. If there is a large amount of water flows out, we need to turn it down and there will be less water. The throttle body and the one-way valve can be combined in parallel to form a one-way throttle body. The throttle body has no negative function and cannot compensate for the speed instability caused by load change. It is generally used in occasions with little load change or low requirements for speed stability.

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