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Keihin PWK34 PWK 34 34MM Carburetor

  • Keihin PWK34 PWK 34 KOSO OKO

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Specifications of pwk 34mm carburetor

PWK 34mm carburetor is usually used on motorcycles and other internal combustion engine vehicles, the specific specifications are as follows:

Caliber (diameter): 34mm

Applicable models: Usually suitable for medium-displacement motorcycles, such as single-cylinder or twin-cylinder engines from 250cc to 500cc.

Fuel mixture ratio adjustment range: PWK carburetors usually have an adjustable fuel mixture ratio that can be adjusted according to the needs of the engine.

Air Cleaner Port Size: May vary depending on the specific model, but generally will fit a standard size motorcycle air filter.

Nozzle Size: Nozzle size may vary by model, but generally suits the needs of mid-displacement engines.

It's important to note that exact specifications may vary by make and model, so it's best to choose the correct model and specification of PWK 34mm carburetor based on your specific vehicle's needs.

keihin pwk 34mm carburetor

Introduction of PWK 34 Carburetor

Design Features: PWK 34 carburetor uses precision design and advanced technology to provide efficient fuel supply and excellent performance. It is designed with the needs of the engine in mind to ensure optimal combustion efficiency and power output.

Bore size: The PWK 34 carburetor has a bore of 34 mm, which makes it suitable for medium-displacement motorcycle engines, such as single or twin cylinder engines from 250cc to 500cc. This size provides sufficient fuel flow to meet the demands of a high-performance engine.

Main components: The carburetor includes main components such as air inlet, throttle valve, nozzle, float, main nozzle, etc. These components work together to ensure the engine gets the correct air and fuel mixture for optimal performance and fuel economy.

Performance Tuning: PWK 34 carburetors typically feature a variety of adjustable features such as throttle position, jet size and air-fuel ratio. This allows the user to fine-tune the carburetor to specific needs for optimal performance output and response characteristics.

Scope of application: This type of carburetor is widely used in racing motorcycles, off-road motorcycles and modified vehicles. Its high performance and adjustability make it the first choice for professional riders and tuning enthusiasts.

Applicability range of PWK 34 Carburetor

PWK 34 carburetors are generally suitable for various motorcycle engines, especially medium-displacement single-cylinder or twin-cylinder engines. The following is the applicability range of PWK 34 carburetor:

Racing motorcycles: PWK 34 carburetor is very suitable for racing motorcycles. It can provide efficient fuel supply and performance adjustment to meet the needs for power output and response characteristics in racing competitions.

Motocross: For motocross, the high performance and adjustability of the PWK 34 carburetor make it ideal for consistent performance in difficult terrain and changing conditions.

Modified vehicles: For those motorcycle enthusiasts who upgrade or modify their engines, the PWK 34 carburetor provides excellent performance adjustment capabilities and can meet the needs of different modification plans.

Mid-displacement motorcycles: Due to its moderate diameter, the PWK 34 carburetor is usually used in mid-displacement single-cylinder or twin-cylinder motorcycle engines from 250cc to 500cc, providing these vehicles with good fuel supply and performance.

Excellent performance of pwk 34mm carburetor

HIGH PERFORMANCE OUTPUT: The PWK 34mm carburetor is designed to provide efficient fuel supply, helping to improve your engine's power output and performance. Its optimized design ensures the engine gets enough fuel for higher power output.

Excellent response characteristics: This carburetor has fast response characteristics, making the motorcycle more responsive when accelerating and shifting. This excellent responsiveness enhances the vehicle's driving experience and plays an important role in competition or off-road environments.

Highly Adjustable: PWK 34mm carburetors typically come with a variety of adjustable features, such as throttle position, nozzle size, and air-fuel ratio. This adjustability allows users to fine-tune the carburetor to their needs for optimal performance output and fuel economy.

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