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Kawasaki KSF80 KFX80 ATV Quad Carburetor

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MPN: Kawasaki Part Number 15003-S005
MPN: Suzuki Part Number 13200-40B00 13200-40B10

  • RB-049

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Specifications of Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor

The carburetor specifications of the Kawasaki KFX80 are as follows:

Model: Mikuni VM16

Main nozzle hole: 0.6mm

Throttle valve: 24mm

Idle spray hole: 0.3mm

Air filter type: wet sponge

Main nozzle: #85

Idle speed nozzle: #32.5

Throttle valve: 28mm

Air inlet diameter: 28mm

Air outlet diameter: 24mm

kawasaki kfx80 carburetor

Introduction of Kawasaki KFX80 carburetor

The Kawasaki KFX80 is a small ATV equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. Its carburetor is one of the key fuel supply systems of the vehicle. The function of the carburetor is to mix air and fuel and send the mixture into the engine for combustion.

The Kawasaki KFX80's Carburetor is designed to ensure the correct ratio of fuel and air to ensure proper engine operation. Proper mixture ratio is critical to engine performance. Therefore, it is very important to check the Carburetor regularly and perform cleaning, maintenance and adjustment.

During use, if the engine is found to be running abnormally, the Carburetor may need to be adjusted or cleaned. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to consider replacing the carburetor.

Overall, the Kawasaki KFX80’s carburetor is a key component to ensure the engine is running properly, so it needs to be kept clean, inspected and maintained regularly to ensure the performance and reliability of the vehicle.

Kawasaki KSF80 Carburetor Adaptation

The Kawasaki KSF80 Carburetor is adapted to the Kawasaki KSF80 (also known as KFX80) engine. This vehicle is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled engine with a displacement of 80cc. The KSF80 Carburetor is a fuel supply system component designed and adjusted according to the needs of this engine.

The Kawasaki KSF80 Carburetor is adapted to the Kawasaki KSF80 (also known as KFX80) model, which is a children's ATV (all-terrain vehicle) produced by Kawasaki. This model is equipped with an 80cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine, and the KSF80 Carburetor is a fuel supply system component designed for this specific model. Therefore, if you need to replace or adjust the carburetor of this model, you should choose a carburetor model that matches the Kawasaki KSF80.

For Carburetor repair on your Kawasaki KSF80, here are some common steps and considerations

Cleaning: Cleaning your Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor regularly is key to ensuring it works properly. Special Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor cleaner can be used to clean internal parts to ensure smooth oil passage and prevent clogging.

Adjustment: If you notice that your engine is idling rough or accelerating poorly, you may need to adjust the Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor's air and fuel mixture. This requires some expertise and is best done by an experienced technician.

Replace parts: If the Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor is damaged or worn, some parts may need to be replaced, such as nozzles, floats, seals, etc. Make sure to use original parts or high-quality replacements.

Check for oil leaks: Check the Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor regularly for oil leaks, especially at the connecting pipe and sealing ring. If an oil leak is discovered, it needs to be repaired promptly to avoid safety hazards.

Professional Repair: If you are new to Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor repair or adjustment, it is best to leave it to an experienced technician or a professional repair shop to ensure the Kawasaki KFX80 Carburetor is functioning properly.

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