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Honda TRX450ES TRX450S Foreman 450 Carburetor

Installation Scope

1998-2001 Honda ATV TRX450ES Foreman 4X4
1998-2001 Honda ATV TRX450S Foreman 4X4
2002-2004 Honda ATV TRX450FE Foreman 4X4
2002-2004 Honda ATV TRX450FM Foreman 4X4
2000-2003 Honda TRX350TE Rancher 350
2000-2003 Honda TRX350TM Rancher 350

  • RB-034-1

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The product introduction of Honda TRX450 is as follows:

The Honda TRX450 is a professional-level four-wheel motorcycle with powerful power and excellent handling performance, suitable for various terrains and riding environments. As an important part of the engine's fuel supply system, the carburetor plays a vital role in the performance and fuel efficiency of a motorcycle.

The Honda TRX450 Carburetor is made of high-quality materials and advanced technology and has the following features and advantages:

Accurate fuel injection and mixture ratio control to provide reliable power output;

Efficient fuel economy ensures long-term riding;

Full consideration is given to various working conditions and environments to ensure stable operation under different temperatures, altitudes and humidity;

Easy to install and adjust, convenient for users to maintain and maintain;

Durable and durable, with good corrosion resistance, ensuring a long service life.

It is worth noting that the Honda TRX450 Carburetor is designed for specific models of motorcycles to ensure optimal fit and performance. When installing and replacing a carburetor, users should ensure that they select the specifications and models suitable for their vehicle model.

Specifications of Honda TRX450 Carburetor

Honda TRX450 carb specs can vary depending on the specific model and year.

Main Jet: #148

Air filter side cover nozzle hole (Pilot Air Jet): #65

Needle Jet: #DQ262

Slow Jet: #68S

Slow Air Jet: #55

Needle Position: 3rd slot

Throttle Slide Cutaway: #4

Air inlet diameter: about 36mm

Air outlet diameter: about 49mm

Height: about 135mm

Width: about 95mm

Length: about 160mm

Honda TRX450ES Carburetor

Adaptation areas of Honda TRX450 Carburetor

The Honda TRX450 on-board carburetor is suitable for Honda TRX450 series four-wheel motorcycles and is mainly used to adjust the engine's air and fuel mixture to ensure normal engine operation. This carburetor is suitable for different models and years of the TRX450 series, such as TRX450R and TRX450ER. It improves engine performance, ensures fuel economy, and provides riders with a better driving experience. If you need to replace or upgrade your carburetor, it is recommended to select one that is suitable for your specific car model to ensure compatibility and performance.

These two models are the most common quad bikes using Honda TRX450 carburetors. If you own a different car model, it is recommended to confirm carburetor compatibility before purchasing to ensure it can be installed correctly and perform optimally

Function and Characteristics

These two models are the most common quad bikes using Honda TRX450 carburetors. If you own a different car model, it is recommended to confirm carburetor compatibility before purchasing to ensure it can be installed correctly and perform optimally

The Carburetor of Honda TRX450 is a key component in the engine fuel system. It is mainly responsible for mixing air and fuel to supply engine combustion. It has the following functions and characteristics:

Mixing air and fuel: The Carburetor injects an appropriate amount of fuel into the intake passage and mixes it with the air entering the cylinder to form a flammable mixture.

Fuel adjustment: The throttle valve in the Carburetor can control the supply of fuel according to the opening and closing of the throttle, thereby adjusting the power output of the engine.

Air-fuel ratio adjustment: Carburetor can also adjust the air-fuel ratio, that is, the ratio of air to fuel, by mixing the ratio of air and fuel to ensure combustion efficiency and emission control.

Simple structure: Compared with modern electronic fuel injection systems, Carburetor has a simple mechanical structure and is easy to maintain and adjust.

Susceptible to Altitude and Temperature: The Carburetor's fuel regulation is often dependent on atmospheric pressure and temperature, so adjustments may be required for optimal performance at different altitudes and temperatures.

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