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Yamaha Raptor 350 YFM350 ATV Carburetor


Yamaha 2004 RAPTOR 350 YFM350S
Yamaha 2005 RAPTOR 350 YFM350RSET
Yamaha 2005 RAPTOR 350 YFM350RT
Yamaha 2006 RAPTOR 350 YFM350RSEV
Yamaha 2006 RAPTOR 350 YFM350RV
Yamaha 2007 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RSE2W
Yamaha 2007 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RSEW
Yamaha 2007 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RW
Yamaha 2007 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RW-C
Yamaha 2008 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RX
Yamaha 2008 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RXGY
Yamaha 2008 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RXL
Yamaha 2009 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RYL
Yamaha 2009 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RYW
Yamaha 2010 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RZW
Yamaha 2011 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RAL
Yamaha 2012 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RBW
Yamaha 2013 RAPTOR 350 YFM35RDW

  • RB-149B

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Introduction to basic product information

The YAMAHA Raptor 350 is a sports ATV equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The Carburetor plays a key role in this vehicle as it is responsible for mixing air and gasoline to provide the proper fuel mixture to the engine. The YAMAHA Raptor 350's Carburetor is well designed to ensure that the engine receives an efficient fuel mixture, providing excellent performance and response.

The Carburetor is manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and materials, ensuring its durability and reliability. It is carefully tuned to ensure the engine delivers optimal performance in all conditions. At the same time, as a well-known motorcycle manufacturer, YAMAHA's Carburetor also undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure that it meets high standards.

Overall, the YAMAHA Raptor 350’s Carburetor is a high-quality, reliable product that ensures the engine gets the fuel mixture it needs to deliver excellent performance and reliability.

Specifications of YAMAHA raptor 350 carburetor

Equipped with a 34mm CV type carburetor

With speed sensor and heating element

Ability to regulate air/fuel mixture

Suitable for YAMAHA Raptor 350 ATV model

Model: Mikuni BSR33

Diameter: 33mm

Number of air inlets: single air inlet

Applicable models: YAMAHA Raptor 350 ATV

The diameter of the original carburetor Mikuni BSR33 of the YAMAHA Raptor 350 is 33 mm

Main nozzle: #130

Sub-nozzle: #17.5

Oil needle position: Hole 3

Fuel mixture ratio: 2.5 turns of adjustment screw

yamaha raptor 350 carburetor

Product advantages introduction

Efficient fuel mixing: The Yamaha Raptor 350 Carburetor is carefully designed to ensure full mixing of air and gasoline, providing the engine with an efficient fuel mixture, thereby improving combustion efficiency and power output.

Reliable and durable: As a well-known motorcycle manufacturer, YAMAHA's Yamaha Raptor 350 Carburetor has undergone strict quality control and testing and is made of high-quality materials. It has excellent durability and reliability and can maintain stable performance under various harsh conditions.

Optimized tuning: Yamaha Raptor 350 Carburetor has been carefully tuned to adapt to the performance requirements of the Raptor 350 engine, ensuring the best combustion effect at different speeds and loads, thereby achieving better acceleration performance and response.

Adaptable: This Yamaha Raptor 350 Carburetor is designed to adapt to the needs of sports ATVs, providing reliable fuel supply at high speeds and sharp acceleration, ensuring that the engine is always in good working order.

YAMAHA raptor 350 carburetor application range

The YAMAHA Raptor 350’s Carburetor is designed specifically for this model to ensure a perfect match with the Raptor 350’s engine performance and requirements. This means that the Carburetor is designed and tuned specifically for the Raptor 350 ATV’s engine characteristics, displacement, and operating conditions.

Since the Carburetor is a component designed for a specific engine, its scope of application is mainly limited to the YAMAHA Raptor 350 model. When using other models or brands of ATVs or motorcycles, the Raptor 350's Carburetor cannot simply be replaced on other vehicles. The engine parameters, performance requirements and working conditions of different models are different, so a correspondingly designed Carburetor is required to meet these requirements.

The Carburetor of YAMAHA Raptor 350 is mainly suitable for the following fields:

Recreational off-road: As a sports ATV, the YAMAHA Raptor 350 is suitable for recreational off-road activities. Its Carburetor design and tuning provide enough power and response to perform well in a variety of terrains and environments.

Competitive events: Raptor 350 is also commonly used in various ATV competitive events. Its Carburetor has been optimized to ensure efficient fuel supply and stable performance, and can meet the performance and reliability requirements of competitive events.

Foreign tour guide activities: In some tourist attractions or adventure activities, some people also choose Raptor 350 as a tool for foreign tour guides. Its moderate power and ease of operation make it a popular option.

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