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What is Dellorto carburetor?

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Dellorto carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline and air under the vacuum generated by the engine. Dellorto carburetor, as a precise mechanical device, uses the kinetic energy of inhaled air flow to atomize gasoline.

  • What are the functions of Dellorto carburetor?

  • What are the applications of Dellorto carburetor?

  • How about the history of Dellorto carburetor?

What are the functions of Dellorto carburetor?

Gasoline does not enter the combustion chamber of the engine directly through a pipe. Gasoline must be mixed with purified air to form a mist like mixture, which is easy to burn when entering the combustion chamber. Therefore, gasoline should be sent to the carburetor. Dellorto carburetor produces a mixture with matching concentration and quantity according to different revolutions of the engine. When the engine rotates at different speeds such as idle speed, low speed, medium speed and high speed, the concentration and weight of the mixture supplied by the Dellorto carburetor are also adjusted.

The function of Dellorto carburetor is to mix a certain amount of gasoline with air to make the engine run normally. If there is not enough fuel to mix with air, the engine will run in the lean state, which will stop the engine and may damage the engine. If there is too much fuel mixed with air, the engine will run in the rich state, which will also stop the engine or produce a lot of smoke, operating in poor conditions and wasting fuel.

What are the applications of Dellorto carburetor?

Dellorto carburetor is usually used in gasoline engines of vehicles. But not all gasoline engines use carburetors because of the electronic fuel injection technology. The Dellorto carburetor is no longer used in the gasoline engine with electronic fuel injection.

Dellorto carburetor is installed in front of the throttle, where the fuel is usually sucked out.

The products that need to use Dellorto carburetor include general motors, generators, pumps, cutters, chainsaw, high-pressure cleaning machines, lawnmowers, hedge shears, rotary tillers, sprayers, snow sweeper, and air compressors.

How about the history of Dellorto carburetor?

The production of automobile carburetor in China began in the early 1950s. In 1953, Shanghai China machine tool factory, which was merged by dozens of small private factories, officially took the first step in the production of carburetor, following the example of American 28av-11 carburetor. The carburetor produced in 1988 was the first case developed and designed by China.

In the 1960s, based on the existing carburetor, aiming at the problems in production and use, the quality was stabilized and improved through process improvement, re-matching and adjustment. China has also developed a double chamber transfer carburetor. In 1961, the first scientific research institution in China's automobile carburetor industry was established, which was responsible for the formulation of standards and product performance tests.

The 1970s is a period of vigorous development of carburetors in China that the manufacturers have been established all over the country. In the 1980s, due to the reform and opening, the carburetor industry changed the structure greatly through the transformation and introduction of a series of technologies and equipment. The models of new carburetors increased sharply to shorten the gap between China's carburetor industry and the world, as well as meet the increasingly stringent requirements for vehicle emissions.

However, with the development of the times, carburetors have been gradually eliminated. Now they are mostly used in motorcycles, snow sweepers and other machines.

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