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How does Dellorto carburetor work?

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The Dellorto carburetor shall include starting device, idle device, medium load device, full load device and acceleration device. The Dellorto carburetor automatically matches the corresponding concentration and outputs the corresponding amount of mixture according to the requirements of different working states of the engine.

  • Why Dellorto carburetor is important?

  • What is the structure of Dellorto carburetor?

  • How does Dellorto carburetor work?

Why Dellorto carburetor is important?

The structure of Dellorto carburetor uses the negative pressure of intake air to absorb fuel. The oil supply structure uses various throttling and pressure relief principles to adjust the oil concentration. The mechanical structure of Dellorto carburetor is relatively simple and clear, which is convenient for outdoor maintenance at low price.

What is the structure of Dellorto carburetor?

The Dellorto carburetor is composed of upper, middle and lower parts. The upper part has air inlet and float chamber, the middle part has throat to measure hole and nozzle, and the lower part has throttle.

The float chamber of Dellorto carburetor is a rectangular container, which stores gasoline from the gasoline pump. There is a float in the container, which controls the oil inlet by using the height of the floating surface. One oil inlet of the middle nozzle of Dellorto carburetor is connected with the measuring hole of the float chamber, and the other oil outlet is at the throat of the throat.  

The throat of Dellorto carburetor is bee waist shaped with large ends and small middle that the cross-sectional area of the middle throat is the smallest.

When the engine is started, the piston moves downward to generate suction. When the inhaled air flows through the throat, the speed is the highest, but the static pressure is the lowest. The throat pressure is less than the atmospheric pressure.

How does Dellorto carburetor work?

The Dellorto carburetor is to atomize gasoline and mix it with air to form combustible mixture, which is then sent to each cylinder. When gasoline is pumped through the float chamber in the Dellorto carburetor, there is a measuring air in the float chamber, which can form a vacuum pressure difference between the external gas pressure and the nozzle. It directly injects the oil into the roar pipe, turns into oil droplets and mixes with the air passing through the air filter on the upper part of the roar pipe.

Dellorto carburetor provides a certain amount and concentration of combustible mixture under various working conditions such as engine start, cold start, acceleration, idle speed and normal operation. Dellorto carburetor includes main oil supply system, idle oil supply system, excessive nozzle, acceleration pump, throttle, atomization throat, choke, fast idle mechanism, air conditioning speed-up mechanism, oil level float adjustment device and other devices, which suck gasoline out of the float chamber by using the siphon effect of high-speed air flow through the main and auxiliary chambers. The gasoline is broken into fine particles by the cutting effect of air flow to form a preliminary mixed mixture, which is then heated and evaporated through the intake manifold and intake valve piston to form combustible gas.

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