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How to use Dellorto carburetor correctly?

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Dellorto carburetor mixes air and fuel according to need of air-fuel ratio. Then, the air-fuel mixture is transmitted to the engine cylinder. The Dellorto carburetor is only used in petrol engines.

  • What does a Dellorto carburetor do?

  • How to use Dellorto carburetor correctly?

  • How to save fuel by aligning Dellorto carburetor?

What does a Dellorto carburetor do?

Dellorto carburetor of the engine blends air and petrol according to the needed air-fuel ratio.

Dellorto carburetor upholds a very small amount of fuel in the float chamber at a specific level.

The Dellorto carburetor atomizes and vaporizes the fuel.

Dellorto carburetor generates a homogeneous mixture.

The Dellorto carburetor is responsible to deliver a proper amount of air-fuel to the engine under all conditions such as load, speed, temperature and pressure.

The function of Dellorto carburetor is to mix a certain amount of gasoline with air to make the engine run normally. It makes an air-fuel mixture and transfers it to the engine for the combustion process. If there is not enough fuel to mix with air, the engine will run in the lean state, which stops and even damages the engine. If there is too much fuel mixed with air, the engine will run in the rich state, which also stops the engine, produces a lot of smoke, operates in poor conditions and wastes fuel.

How to use Dellorto carburetor correctly?

Normal use of the Dellorto carburetor is actually to maintain the cleanliness of the Dellorto carburetor when it leaves the factory. This is controlled as a key index for the quality evaluation of the Dellorto carburetor in the professional carburetor manufacturer.

It is strictly controlled in each link of production by using various advanced equipment and processes. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of the Dellorto carburetor, we must pay attention to the normal maintenance of the Dellorto carburetor. Clean the Dellorto carburetor regularly to keep the oil and air passage of the carburetor clean and the small aperture unobstructed. This is also very important for prolonging the service life of Dellorto carburetor. Many Dellorto carburetor performance faults can be solved by cleaning them regularly.  

How to save fuel by aligning Dellorto carburetor?

Although the structure of the Dellorto carburetor is simple, the oil needle is located inside that it needs to be disassembled if you want to adjust it. Therefore, we do not recommend that you adjust the oil needle yourself. At the same time, because the position of the oil needle of the Dellorto carburetor has a great impact on the work of the engine, do not try if you have no experience.

Find the position of Dellorto carburetor along the throttle line and open the cover.

After opening the cover, pull out the spring inside it, and then you can see the position of the oil needle.

Take out the oil needle together with the oil needle holder. Lift the snap ring inside the oil needle holder upward to remove the oil needle.

Clamp the oil needle gasket with pliers for adjustment. Lift up the oil needle and the mixture will become thicker. When the oil needle is lowered, the mixture will become thinner.

Italy Delloto is a professional company engaged in the production of electronic control and carburetor for nearly 80 years. The Dellorto carburetors jointly developed by Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd and Delloto meet the emission requirements of the whole vehicle and fully comply with the national III legal standard.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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