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Polaris Sport 400 400L Sportsman 400 400L Carburetor

Adapted To Vehicles
For Polaris Sport 400 1994-1999
For Polaris Sport 400L 1994-1999
For Polaris Sportsman 400 1993-1996
For Polaris Sportsman 400L 1997

  • RB-217

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Product Approximate Specifications

The carburetor specifications of the Polaris Sportsman 400 are as follows:

Main nozzle size: #140

Slow speed nozzle size: #42.5

Air conditioner: 1.5 turns

Float height: 22mm

Fuel float regulator: 2.5 turns

Fuel mixture ratio: 25:1 (two-stroke engine) or 50:1 (four-stroke engine)

Air filter: foam filter

Fuel type: unleaded gasoline

Please note that these specifications may vary by year and model. It is recommended that you check the relevant official documentation or consult your dealer for exact specifications.

Polaris Sport 400 Carburetor

Product Details

The following is some introduction about Polaris Sportsman 400 carburetor:

Function: The primary function of the Polaris Sport 400 carburetor is to mix air and gasoline in the correct proportions and then deliver the mixture to the engine for combustion. This ensures that the engine can run properly and get the power it needs.

Location: The Polaris Sport 400L carburetor is usually located above the engine, where it is connected to the cylinder head. In a Polaris Sportsman 400, the carburetor is typically located centrally on top of the engine for easy access and maintenance.

Maintenance: Polaris Sportsman 400L carburetors require regular maintenance, including cleaning and tuning. This ensures that it maintains the correct fuel mixture for smooth running of the engine. Regularly checking the condition of your carburetor and cleaning it can extend its life and avoid performance problems.

Troubleshooting: If your Polaris Sportsman 400 is experiencing problems with the engine starting, rough idling, or poor acceleration, the carburetor may be a potential failure point. In this case, it may be necessary to check whether the carburetor is clogged with dirt or whether it is adjusted correctly.

Adapted models of polaris sport 400 carburetor

For Polaris Sport 400 1994-1999, For Polaris Sport 400L 1994-1999, For Polaris Sportsman 400 1993-1996, For Polaris Sportsman 400L 1997.

The Polaris Sport 400 is an old ATV model that was produced by the Polaris company between 1994 and 1999. It is equipped with a carburetor called a "Mikuni" which is used to mix air and fuel for combustion in the engine. The main application of this model is off-road sports and entertainment.

Mikuni carburetors usually have good performance and reliability, but due to their age, they may become aged or damaged, resulting in reduced vehicle performance or failure. For the Polaris Sport 400, common carburetor problems include clogged, dislodged, or poor seals.

For Polaris Sport 400 carburetor issues, it may require cleaning, maintenance, or replacement. Be sure to use appropriate replacement parts to ensure optimal performance and fit. These are common models, but please note that specific models may vary by year and model.

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