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How many types of Kawasaki carburetor are there?

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Kawasaki carburetor is a device that converts liquid fuel into gas. The converted oil and gas are mixed with the air sent by the throttle to form an oil-gas mixture, which is sucked into the cylinder by the negative pressure caused by the piston in the cylinder through the inlet valve for combustion.

  • How many types of Kawasaki carburetor are there?

  • Which one is better, Kawasaki carburetor or EFI technology?

  • How to choose Kawasaki carburetor?

How many types of Kawasaki carburetor are there?

In the downdraft Kawasaki carburetor, the fuel is supplied from the bottom of the Kawasaki carburetor. The working principle of downdraft Kawasaki carburetor is the same as that of updraft Kawasaki carburetor. The fuel comes from the fuel tube due to the pressure difference. When the required amount of air and fuel enters the mixing chamber, the mixing process of air and fuel occurs.

In the updraft Kawasaki carburetor, air is supplied from the bottom of the Kawasaki carburetor and fuel is provided by the float chamber. When there is a pressure difference between the venturi and the float chamber, the fuel leaves the float chamber with the help of the venturi and mixes with the intake and metering system to form a flowing air mixture.

When you rotate the downdraft Kawasaki carburetor horizontally, it will be converted into a horizontal Kawasaki carburetor. Air enters from one side of the carburetor. After the fuel and air enter, the mixing chamber mixes the air with the fuel to form an air-fuel mixture. The resulting mixture is sent to the combustion chamber to generate power.

Which one is better, Kawasaki carburetor or EFI technology?

In this era, Kawasaki carburetor has been a kind of oil supply method that is about to be eliminated. Although the adjusted Kawasaki carburetor is good in terms of fuel saving and performance, under increasingly strict emission regulations, carburetor technology cannot meet the qualified exhaust standard.  

The concentration of the Kawasaki carburetor is set at the beginning. If the concentration needs to be adjusted, the Kawasaki carburetor needs to be disassembled for adjustment, which is troublesome. However, the Kawasaki carburetor is cheap and easy to maintain. There is low exhaust sound of vehicles using carburetors. Emission regulations cannot support the latest standards. It consumes fuel. It is difficult to start-up in winter. Improper operation may flood the spark plug that is unable to adjust the fuel injection concentration according to the demand.

The speed of popularizing EFI for motorcycles is relatively slow. As a new technology, EFI is the most suitable to adapt to the latest emission standards. Due to various sensors of EFI system, the cost is relatively expensive and the cutting system is complex. General vehicle dealers are unable to repair the EFI system, but the EFI system is relatively stable and not so prone to failure. The advantage of using the EFI system is that it is very easy to ignite in winter. It will increase the fuel injection volume and enrich the oil-gas mixture according to the engine temperature, making it easier to ignite.

How to choose Kawasaki carburetor?

If you need large displacement, the Kawasaki carburetor with large throat should be selected. For example, the throat of Kawasaki carburetor is basically 25 to 27mm for common 125 riding vehicles, while more than 27mm throat should be selected for 150 riding vehicles. Only in this way can the power performance of the engine be brought into full play.

You should also consider your vehicle model. If it is a curved beam vehicle, it does not pursue large power output and high-speed riding that is more than 85 kilometers per hour. Therefore, a Kawasaki carburetor with smaller throat size can be selected, which is conducive to ensuring the economic performance of driving.

In terms of carburetor selection, it is mainly suitable for vehicles instead mattering the brand.

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