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Does Kawasaki carburetor need maintenance?

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Although the Kawasaki carburetor is small, it has many systems integrated inside that the structure of Kawasaki carburetor becomes more complex. In order to ensure that the Kawasaki carburetor can work normally, its regular maintenance is very important.

  • Why Kawasaki carburetor has problems?

  • What problems you may encounter when you use Kawasaki carburetor?

  • Does Kawasaki carburetor need maintenance?

Why Kawasaki carburetor has problems?

The failure rate of Kawasaki carburetor itself is very low. However, in practical use, the failure rate is often not low. There are two reasons.  

Because all the working characteristics of the engine are related to the Kawasaki carburetor, such as acceleration, transition, fuel consumption and so on. Therefore, when judging the cause of performance failure of motorcycle, the failure of electrical parts or other mechanical parts is often confused with the Kawasaki carburetor, which is misjudged as Kawasaki carburetor failure and replaced. For example, if the filter fails, impurities block the Kawasaki carburetor, replace it with a new carburetor and the fault is eliminated, but the fundamental problem is not solved.

The quality problems of relevant parts greatly shorten the service life of Kawasaki carburetor, such as reduced cleanliness and increased wear of Kawasaki carburetor parts.

What problems you may encounter when you use Kawasaki carburetor?

Here are several common fault phenomena of motorcycle Kawasaki carburetor, including difficult starting, unstable idle speed, poor transition, insufficient power, oil leakage and high fuel consumption.

The above only selects the faults of Kawasaki carburetor for analysis. But in fact, from the perspective of the whole machine, there are many factors causing the above failure phenomenon.

If the motorcycle is difficult to start, the disorder of ignition system and the change of spark plug electrode gap will cause it. If the idle speed of Kawasaki carburetor is unstable, in order to reduce the sound of the engine cylinder head, the motorcycle manufacturer often adjusts the engine valve clearance, resulting in the deterioration of the engine intake and exhaust state, unstable idle speed or even no idle speed. The user shall make a specific analysis according to the vehicle fault condition.

Does Kawasaki carburetor need maintenance?

In the professional manufacturer of carburetor, the cleanliness is controlled as a key index of Kawasaki carburetor quality evaluation, and each link of production is strictly controlled by using various advanced equipment and processes. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of the Kawasaki carburetor, we must pay attention to the normal maintenance of the carburetor. Clean the Kawasaki carburetor regularly, keep the oil passage and air passage of the carburetor clean, and keep the small aperture unobstructed. Many Kawasaki carburetor performance faults can be solved by cleaning the carburetor regularly.

Gasoline enters the Kawasaki carburetor from the fuel tank and then through the gasoline filter. The gasoline filter can filter out the impurities mixed in the gasoline and the oxide skin in the fuel tank. If the quality of the filter is defective, some impurities still enter the Kawasaki carburetor through the filter. In addition, gasoline contains components that can form colloid. After long-term deposition, colloid will be condensed and attached to the parts of Kawasaki carburetor, oil passage and float chamber surface.  

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