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Dellorto PHBG AD 17.5mm 19mm 21mm Carburetor

Inner Diameter = 17.5mm/19mm/21mm
idle jet = 48
starter jet = 60
  • RB-221

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Carburetor Characteristics

PHBG AD 17mm Carburetor is an automotive carburetor produced by Dell'Orto, a well-known Italian auto parts manufacturer. This automotive carburetor offers high performance and reliability and is commonly used in motorcycles, cars, and other internal combustion engine equipment. Here are the key features and benefits of this product:

High-performance design: PHBG AD 19.5mm Carburetor adopts advanced design and manufacturing processes to ensure excellent performance. It provides a reliable fuel mixture, thereby increasing engine power and efficiency.

Precise adjustment: This PHBG AD 21mm carburetor is equipped with an adjustable fuel injector and mixing ratio control device, allowing users to make precise adjustments according to actual needs to achieve optimal engine performance and fuel economy.

Durability: The PHBG AD 17 Carburetor is made of high-quality materials, has good durability and corrosion resistance, and can operate stably for a long time under various working conditions, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Wide applicability: This PHBG AD 19 carburetor is suitable for various types of internal combustion engine equipment, including motorcycles, cars, go-karts, etc., and can meet the needs of different user groups.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The PHBG AD 21 Carburetor is well designed, can effectively control exhaust emissions and improve fuel utilization, meeting modern environmental protection and energy saving requirements.

PHBG AD Carburetor

Carburetor Specification

Types and Sizes: PHBG AD Carburetors are often available in different types and sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of engines. Common sizes include diameter (such as Φ17mm, Φ19.5mm, Φ21mm, etc.).

Main components: The PHBG AD carburetor usually consists of main components such as the main body, fuel injector, throttle, mixture ratio control device, and float.

Fuel injector: The size and type of fuel injector will affect the adjustment range and accuracy of the fuel mixture ratio.

Applicable models: Different models of PHBG AD Carburetor may be suitable for different vehicle types, such as motorcycles, cars, etc.

PHBG AD Carburetor compatible models

The models that the PHBG AD Carburetor is suitable for depend on the specific model and size. Generally speaking, it can be applied to various types of internal combustion engine equipment, including motorcycles, cars, go-karts, etc. Specifically, it may be suitable for various brands and models of motorcycles, including but not limited to Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzhou Golden Mantis, etc. Since the PHBG AD Carburetor is available in a variety of models and sizes, the compatible models will also vary depending on the model.

Scope of application of PHBG AD Carburetor

PHBG AD Carburetor is generally suitable for various types of internal combustion engine equipment, including but not limited to motorcycles, cars, go-karts, etc. They are widely used for modification and performance optimization to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Specifically, PHBG AD Carburetor is suitable for the following ranges:

Motorcycles: Motorcycles of various brands and models, including road motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, racing motorcycles, etc.

Go Kart: A go kart is a small racing car usually used for track racing or recreational purposes. PHBG AD Carburetor can be used to improve the performance and acceleration of your kart.

Automobiles: Although the PHBG AD Carburetor is used relatively rarely in automobiles, it may be used in some modification projects to improve engine performance.

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