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Dellorto PHBH 28MM 28BS R3311 Carburetor

Compatibility Range
Krat Aria Manual Scooter 125-300cc Engine Universal
Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV Quad Scooter
  • RB-253

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The PHBH 28BS is a type of carburetor manufactured by Dell'Orto, an Italian company known for producing high-quality carburetors for motorcycles, scooters, and other small engines. The PHBH series is designed for two-stroke engines and is commonly used in high-performance applications.

Here are some key features of the PHBH 28BS carburetor:

Venturi Size: The "28" in PHBH 28BS refers to the diameter of the venturi, which is the narrowest part of the carburetor throat where air flows through. This indicates that the carburetor is designed for engines with a certain displacement and performance requirements.

BS: The "BS" designation typically indicates certain features or specifications of the carburetor. In Dell'Orto's naming convention, "BS" may stand for "bottom-side," indicating that the carburetor has a bottom-side fuel inlet.

Adjustability: Dell'Orto carburetors are known for their adjustability, allowing fine-tuning of air/fuel mixture and idle speed to optimize engine performance.

Carburetor Quality Construction: Dell'Orto carburetors are renowned for their quality construction and materials, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding applications.

Compatibility: The PHBH series carburetors are often used in high-performance motorcycle engines, particularly in racing or tuned applications. However, they can also be adapted for use in other small engines where precise fuel metering is required.

Overall, the PHBH 28BS carburetor is a high-quality component designed to deliver optimal fuel delivery and performance for two-stroke engines in various applications.

Specifications of PHBH 28BS Carburetor

Carburetor Slide: 40

Carburetor Needle: X2

Carburetor Atomizer: AV264

Carburetor Main jet: 105

Carburetor Idle jet: 55

Carburetor Choke jet: 70

Carburetor Float valve: 200

Carburetor Float: 9010.2 (6.5g)

PHBH 28BS Carburetor

Advantages of carburetor

The PHBH 28BS carburetor offers many advantages that make it the first choice for many motorcycles and other two-stroke engines:

High Performance: The PHBH 28BS carburetor is designed for high-performance applications, with optimized air intake and fuel supply to provide excellent power output and acceleration performance.

Adjustability: Dell'Orto carburetors are known for their excellent adjustability, and the PHBH 28BS carburetor is no exception. Users can achieve optimal engine performance by adjusting parameters such as fuel mixture ratio and idle speed.

Adaptability: PHBH 28BS carburetor is suitable for various two-stroke engines, including motorcycles, go-karts, snowmobiles, etc. Its versatility and adjustability make it ideal for many engine modification projects.

Adaptation range of carburetor

PHBH 28BS carburetors are generally suitable for two-stroke engines that require a high-performance carburetor, especially motorcycles and motorcycle modification projects. Its scope of adaptation may include but is not limited to the following aspects:

Motorcycles: PHBH 28BS carburetors are commonly found on motorcycles, especially two-stroke motorcycles in some high-performance or modified projects. These motorcycles may include road racing, motocross, cruisers, etc.

Karts: High-performance karts usually use PHBH 28BS or similar carburetors to ensure a stable fuel supply to the engine at high speeds and loads.

Motorcycle Modification Projects: Those motorcycle enthusiasts who perform engine modifications may choose to install a PHBH 28BS carburetor to achieve greater power output and performance improvements.

Special-purpose vehicles: In addition to motorcycles and go-karts, some special-purpose vehicles, such as off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, etc., may also use PHBH 28BS carburetors.

It should be noted that when using a PHBH 28BS carburetor, adjustments and debugging may be required to ensure optimal performance and fuel economy. Additionally, it may not work on all types of two-stroke engines, so it's best to conduct detailed research or consult a professional before installation.

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