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Dellorto PHBL 25BS R2731 2 Stroke Motorcycle Carburetor

Type : Dellorto Carburetor

Package : 20PCS/Carton

Material : Aluminum Alloy

  • RB-242

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PHBL 25BS Carburetor

Inner Diameter (Intake Side): 25mm
Outer Diameter (Intake Side): 31mm
Inner Diameter (Air Cleaner Side): 34mm
Outer Diameter(Air Cleaner Side): 40mm

Venturi diameter: 25mm

92 Main jet/48 Idle jet

Note:Easy to install, but professional installation recommended. Great replacement for old accessories. Easy to use, can directly replace old or damaged ones. The most effective way to resist wear and increase speed. Manufactured and tested to help provide optimal engine performance.

Product Introduction

Introducing the Dellorto PHBL 25BS Carburetor - a professional-grade product designed to enhance the performance of your 2 Stroke Moped, 4T Scooter Racing, or 50-300cc Motorcycle. This high-quality carburetor is compatible with popular brands such as Honda, yamaha, and Piaggio, making it a versatile choice for various engine sizes, ranging from 100cc to 250cc.

Engineered with precision and attention to detail, the Dellorto PHBL 25BS Carburetor guarantees optimal fuel delivery, ensuring smooth acceleration and increased power output. Its advanced design allows for efficient air-fuel mixture control, resulting in improved combustion and enhanced overall performance.

Crafted with durability in mind, this carburetor is built to withstand the rigors of racing and everyday use. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity and reliability, making it a reliable choice for both professional racers and enthusiasts alike.

The Dellorto PHBL 25BS Carburetor is easy to install, thanks to its user-friendly design. With its compatibility across various motorcycle models and engine sizes, it offers a hassle-free upgrade for your vehicle. Whether you're looking to boost your scooter's speed or enhance your motorcycle's performance, this carburetor is a must-have accessory.

Invest in the Dellorto PHBL 25BS Carburetor today and experience the difference it can make in your riding experience. Unlock the true potential of your 2 Stroke Moped, 4T Scooter Racing, or 50-300cc Motorcycle with this professional-grade carburetor, engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.


Piston-type throttle valve Indipendent starting circuit.

Idling system with jet and mixture adjusting screw.

Main circuit with mechanical mixture adjustment by conical needle.

Versions of mixture screw adjusting on the right and/or on the left.

Versions with mechanically-operated diaphragm acceleration pump.

Compatible With

Carburetor PHBL 25BS 2T(A) R2731

Engine: 50-300cc, 2-4 Stroke

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