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19MM Dellorto Tomos Motorcycle Scooter Moped Carburetor

Type :  Carburetor                                                   

Package : 20PCS/ Carton                      

Materaial:  Aluminum Alloy      

  • RB-168

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Application Field

Dellorto Tomos carburetor has a wide range of applications including Scooter, Motorcycle, Tomos, Moped, Dirt Bike. As long as it is a matching engine, it can work normally.


Introducing the Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor - the ultimate solution for all your motorcycling needs. Engineered to perfection, this carburetor is designed specifically for use in motorcycles, scooters, and electric bicycles, ensuring optimal performance and seamless engine operation.

With its lightweight construction and cutting-edge technology, the Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor guarantees a smooth and efficient fuel delivery system, allowing your vehicle to run smoothly and effortlessly. Whether you're a professional rider or an avid enthusiast, this carburetor is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their motorcycle's engine performance.

Featuring a robust design and high-quality materials, this carburetor is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use and deliver exceptional results. Its precise fuel-air mixture control ensures that your engine operates at its peak efficiency, maximizing power output and fuel economy.

The Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor is not just a mere accessory; it's an essential component that ensures your vehicle's optimal performance and longevity. With its professional-grade engineering and reliable functionality, you can trust this carburetor to keep your motorcycle running smoothly on any terrain.

Upgrade your riding experience with the Dellorto Motorcycle Carburetor and witness the difference it makes in your vehicle's performance. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose Dellorto for unparalleled quality and unrivaled performance.


The dellorto motorcycle carburetor produced by our company can directly replace the old carburetor on the original basis. Our dellorto tomos carburetor will give customers a new sense of form. And our carburetor has a very long service life and is not easy to be damaged.

Process Flow

The steps that a dellorto motorcycle carburetor has to go through are divided into: mold opening according to the product, selection of raw materials, sample production, sample testing, mechanical processing, mass production, product assembly, product testing and finally product packaging.

For the surface treatment of products, we often use machinery and equipment to process them more efficiently and accurately to control the error range within 1MM.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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