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Piaggio NRG50 Aprilia Gilera Typhoon 50 17.5mm Carburetor


Piaggio Typhoon 50cc Scooter

Vespa LX 50 Scooters

Vespa Aprilia 50cc Scooter

Piaggio Gilera 50cc Scooter

Piaggio Storm 50cc Scooter

  • RB-159(17.5MM)

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Piaggio NRG50 Typhoon Typoon50 XR Vespa LX50 Aprilia Gilera Storm 50 carburetor

Product Features

Precision Design: The Piaggio 17.5mm carburetor is crafted with advanced technology and materials to ensure stable and reliable performance. Its precision design ensures efficient fuel injection and combustion, maximizing fuel efficiency and power output.

Air-Fuel Mixture Adjustment: This carburetor adjusts the ratio of air and gasoline according to the engine load and speed variation, ensuring the fuel mixture meets the engine's operational requirements. Its flexible adjustment capabilities enable optimal performance.

High-Quality Materials: Constructed with high-temperature and corrosion-resistant materials, this carburetor enhances durability and stability, guaranteeing reliable operation under various conditions.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly: In addition to providing strong power, the Piaggio 17.5mm carburetor also prioritizes fuel economy and emission standards, complying with modern environmental requirements.

Product Specifications

Intake Diameter: 17.5mm

Compatible Models: Suitable for Piaggio Typhoon and similar models

Material: High-quality heat-resistant materials

Package Size: Specific dimensions vary based on the actual product

Weight: Specific weight varies based on the actual product

Application Range:

Designed for Piaggio Typhoon and similar vehicles, the Piaggio 17.5mm carburetor is an ideal choice for enhancing vehicle performance.

Typhoon 17.5mm carburetor

Installation Vehicle

Atlantis Red Bullet Euro 1 50cc 2003

Atlantis Euro 2 50cc 2007

Atlantis Bullet 2T 50cc 2010

Atlantis Bullet 1st Edicion 50cc 2003

Atlantis Bullet 3rd Edicion Euro 2 50cc 2005

Atlantis City 1st Edicion 50cc 2003

Atlantis O2 MY 50cc 2002

Atlantis O2 Bullet 2nd Edicion Euro 2 50cc 2003

Atlantis O2 City 50cc 2003

Atlantis O2 (motore Piaggio) 3rd Edicion 50cc 2002

Atlantis Red Bullet Euro 2 50cc 2003

Atlantis Two Chic 3rd Edicion Euro 2 50cc 2005

Boulevard 2T Euro 2 50cc 2009-2012

Boulevard 4T Euro 2 50cc 2009

GP1 Euro 1 50cc 2003

GP1 Euro 2 50cc 2003

GP1 OPEN 2ver Euro 2 50cc 2006-2008

GP1 OPEN 2ver Euro 2 50cc 2006-2009

GP1 RACE 2ver Euro 2 50cc 2005-2007

GP SERIES 02 Export 50cc 2001

Sonar 2T 50cc 2009

Variant Sport 50cc 2T 2012

Installation Notes: Prior to installation, ensure the compatibility of the product model with the vehicle and follow the instructions provided in the product manual.

Maintenance Recommendations: Regularly clean and inspect the carburetor to ensure optimal performance.


Verify product model compatibility with the vehicle before purchase.

Before installation and maintenance, carefully review the product manual.

The Piaggio 17.5mm carburetor serves as a crucial component of the Piaggio Typhoon's power system, delivering stable and reliable fuel supply and exceptional performance tuning capabilities. It is an indispensable key component for enhancing vehicle performance.

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