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Dellorto PHBH 30MM 30BS R3488 Carburetor

Factory Specifications
Slide: 40
Needle: X2
Atomizer: AS 266
Main jet: 115
Idle jet: 55
Choke jet: 70
Float valve: 200
Float: 9010.2 (6.5g)
  • RB-254

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Introduction to PHBH 30BS Carburetor

PHBH 30BS is a fuel mixer commonly used in motorcycles and other small engines. It is one of the original product lines from Italian carburetor manufacturer Dell'Orto. Here are some key features and specifications of the PHBH 30BS Carburetor:

Diameter: The PHBH 30BS has a diameter of 30mm, which means it is suitable for engines requiring a relatively large air/fuel mixture.

Fuel mixture control: It has an adjustable fuel mixture control device, allowing users to adjust according to actual needs to achieve optimal combustion efficiency and performance.

Scope of application: PHBH 30BS is usually used in high-performance motorcycle engines and is popular for its ability to provide efficient fuel mixing and greater combustion efficiency.

MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING: This mixer is manufactured from high-quality materials and precision machined to ensure its performance and durability.

Performance advantages: PHBH 30BS Carburetor is designed to provide higher power output and faster acceleration response, allowing the vehicle to perform well in various driving conditions.

Specifications of PHBH 30BS Carburetor

Diameter: 30mm

Fuel/Air Mixture Control: Adjustable

Applicable models: motorcycles, small engines, etc.

Material: aluminum alloy or other durable materials

Applicable engine type: single-cylinder two-stroke or four-stroke engine

Applicable fuel: gasoline mixture

Air intake method: direct air intake or indirect air intake, depending on the specific design

Weight: May be between 100g and 500g depending on material and design

Additional Features: May have additional fuel pump, air filter connections and more for added performance and convenience.

PHBH 30BS Carburetor

Structural composition of PHBH 30BS Carburetor

PHBH 30BS Carburetor usually consists of the following main components:

Carburetor main body shell

Carburetor nozzle assembly

Carburetor oil pump

Carburetor air regulating valve

Carburetor float chamber

Carburetor main nozzle

Carburetor Mix Controller

Carburetor throttle valve

Application of PHBH 30BS Carburetor

PHBH 30BS Carburetor is commonly used on motorcycles and other small engines, especially two-stroke and four-stroke engines. They are often installed on vehicles with higher performance requirements to provide better fuel mixing and engine performance tuning capabilities. The following are some possible applications of PHBH 30BS Carburetor:

Motorcycles: PHBH 30BS Carburetor is often used in motorcycle engines, especially on some high-performance or competitive motorcycles, to provide more precise fuel mixing and performance adjustment.

Racing: In motor sports, PHBH 30BS Carburetor can be used to improve engine performance and responsiveness to meet the needs of racing.

Small cars: In some small cars or home-made vehicles, PHBH 30BS Carburetor may also be used, especially those special applications that require high-performance engines.

Mopeds: Some mopeds or light vehicles may also use PHBH 30BS Carburetor to provide reliable power output and fuel efficiency.

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