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PWK 24mm 26mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm Carburetor

SUZUKI RM125, RM250, RM370, RM465, RM500
YAMAHA DT100, DT125, DT175, DT250
KAWASAKI KX80, KX125, KX250, KX500
YAMAHA YZ85.YZ125.YZ175.YZ250
HONDA RTL250, CR80, CR85R, CR125, NSR50, NSR80, NSR125
  • RB-251

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Introduction to aluminum cover pwk carburetor

The aluminum cap PWK carburetor is a popular type of carburetor commonly used on motorcycles and other internal combustion engine vehicles. Here is a brief introduction to the aluminum capped PWK carburizer:

carburetor pwk

Design Features:

Aluminum Cover PWK Carburizers usually feature a housing made of aluminum alloy, which has a lighter weight and good durability.

It uses a smooth internal flow channel design to help provide better air-fuel ratio regulation and combustion efficiency.

The aluminum-capped PWK carburetor is designed to provide smooth fuel delivery under all operating conditions, making it suitable for high-performance engines.

Application areas:

Aluminum cover PWK carburetors are usually used on internal combustion engine vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, and high-performance competition vehicles, and are especially widely used in racing and competitive sports.

They are also used by many motorcycle modification enthusiasts to improve engine performance and fuel economy.

Performance advantages:

The aluminum cover PWK carburetor has excellent air-fuel ratio adjustment capability, allowing the engine to obtain the best combustion efficiency under different loads and speeds.

Their design also helps improve acceleration response and driving experience, especially at high revs.

Maintenance and adjustment:

Aluminum capped PWK carburizers typically require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure their proper operation and performance.

They also provide a degree of tuneability, allowing the user to adjust air-fuel ratio and other parameters based on specific engine configurations and needs.

Overall, aluminum cap PWK carburetors are very popular in the field of internal combustion engine vehicles due to their excellent design and performance characteristics, becoming one of the first choices in many vehicle modifications and racing projects.

Product advantages

Internal flow channel design: The internal flow channel design of the aluminum cover PWK carbonator is smooth, which helps optimize the mixing of fuel and air, providing better combustion efficiency and acceleration response.

Air-fuel ratio adjustment performance: PWK carbonizer has excellent air-fuel ratio adjustment performance and can be adjusted according to different engine configurations and operating conditions to ensure that the engine is always in optimal working condition.

Suitable for high-performance engines: The design and performance of the aluminum-capped PWK carburetor make it particularly suitable for high-performance engines that meet the fuel delivery and responsiveness requirements of competitive racing and modified vehicles.

Durability and Reliability: The use of aluminum alloy casing and high-quality materials makes the aluminum-covered PWK carburizer have good durability and reliability, and can operate stably for a long time under harsh environmental conditions.

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