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Mikuni Jet Ski BN40I-38-26 40mm Sea Doo Super BN I-Series 787 800 GTX GSX XP Carburetor

Type :  Carburetor                                        Package : 20 PCS/ Carton

Brand name     :    Runtong                         Materaial: Zinc 

Quality         :    High quality                       Rough  Weight  : 0.965KG

Fit For        : BN40I-38-26 I-Series           Service :  OEM&ODM Service

  • BN40I-38-26 Sea Doo Super BN I-Series 787 800

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Product Description

Mikuni Jet Ski BN40I-38-26 Sea Doo Super BN I-Series 787 800 Carburator.The sea doo carburador is fit for jet ski and watercraft.BN40I-38-26 carburator itself is designe with black color. And in the surface we have carburetor pickling.The mikuni BN40I-38-26 sea doo carburator inner diameter have 40mm, and bolt hole distance is 78mm.

Then Mikuni Jet Ski BN40I-38-26 Sea Doo Super BN I-Series 787 800 Carburator are manufactured with the most environmentally friendly and main zinc metal materials. 

40mm jet ski carburator is After the production is completed,bni-38-26 watercraft carburator we will carry out product quality inspAection.watercraft and jet ski sea doo Carburator Compared with other made by other manufacturers, our carburetors have advantages in terms of quality and price.Mikuni Jet Ski BN40I-38-26 Sea Doo Super BN I-Series 787 800 Carburator have great price and market to sale.Please contact us if you need anything.

Mikuni Jet Ski BN40I-38-26 40mm SeaDoo Super BN I-Series 787 GTX GSX XP Carburetor (3)

Quality Services

Pre-sale service

The main purpose of pre-sales service is to assist customers to do a good job in engineering planning and system demand analysis, so that our products can maximize the needs of users, but also to enable customers to give full play to the comprehensive economic benefits.

Sale service

1. Strengthen communication and exchange with users on project progress at any time;

2. Try to meet the changes of reasonable temporary needs of users;

3. Cooperate with users to deliver qualified products.

After-sales service

Because of its functional diversity, importance, particularity. At the same time need stable, fast and comprehensive after - sale service. To provide users with timely and thoughtful after-sales service is the basis of steady development of enterprises, but also our company has always adhered to the service purpose.

 our services

Product Model

BN40I-38-26 Sea Doo Super BN I-Series 787 800 



Material     :Zinc 

Fit for       : Jet Ski and Watercraft

Intake Side inner Diameter :40mm

Bolt Hole Distance :78mm

Air Filter Mount inner Diameter :44mm

Air Filter Mount outer Diameter :48mm

The Main Products

Our company mainly produces motorcycle related accessories including: 

Motorcycle carburetor, ATV carburetor, Carburetor accessories, Motorcycle brake handle, Handlebar Grips, Motorcycle ATV switch, Brake disc, Throttle body and Motorcycle Sensor.


Company Introduction

Wenzhou Runtong motor vehicle parts Co., Ltd. is a dedicated motorcycle ATV carburetor production of a self-marketing company. We are the combination of Chinese production technology and Japanese production technology, and the introduction of new equipment technology, improve the production scale and production quantity of carburetor. 

In terms of docking with customers, we have a special docking trade salesman to docking with customers, to explain the specifications of our products to customers, so that customers can more intuitively understand the relevant information of products. The carburetors produced by our company are well received by customers both at home and abroad. Our carburetors have long service life and low fuel consumption. Our products will go through rigorous testing of the machine before packaging and sending to customers.

Our company has all types of carburetor common on the market, if customers need to contact our customer service, we have special personnel to docking, explain the use of carburetor and carburetor product specifications. If the customer is not sure whether the performance of the product is in good condition, we can send several samples for the customer to carry out the product quality test.  Since our establishment in 2003, our products have been well received by foreign customers. The return rate of customers is also increasing year by year.



Packing & Delivery

Package Type    :

1. Carburetor in neutral box or customer's designated box.

2.We use high quality cartons to ensure that there will be no damage during transportation.

3. We will choose boxes and cartons of different specifications according to the size of carburetor.

4.Put the corresponding number of cartons into each carton.

5.The customer's label and shipping mark should be affixed on the outside of the carton.




Shipping Type:

1. Freight query under the current state of sea, land and air freight.

2. Specific information of the goods such as (number of pieces, volume, gross weight, shipping date, container type, payment terms).

3. Booking space (door to door, inside).

4. Confirmation of bill of lading and final signing.



1. Can your products be shipped immediately after placing an order?

If there are goods in our warehouse, we will immediately pack them and ship them.

2. Does your company have any requirements for MOQ?

Our minimum amount is 2 starters.

3. If the product is damaged or lost during transportation, will you compensate?

This is our fault, we will compensate the goods or refund the amount.

4. Why are your products so cheap?

Because we are a self-selling product, there is no third party to collect the price from the middle, so our price is very favorable.

5.Do you have a discount if you buy more?

We certainly do. We offer a little discount if you buy in large quantities.

6. Can the goods be replaced if there are quality problems?

This is ok, if there is a problem, we will replace the goods for free.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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