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Why Honda Carburetor And EFI Are Different?

When it comes to the fuel supply system in vehicles, there are two primary options: Honda Carburetors and electronic fuel injection (EFI). Each system operates differently and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

11/ 18 / 2023
Fields of application of Honda carburetors?

Honda Motorcycle Carburetor: Enhancing Fuel Efficiency and PerformanceThe Honda Motorcycle Carburetor is a widely used engine fuel supply system in motorcycles. Designed to improve fuel economy and performance while maintaining reliability and ease of operation.

08/ 18 / 2023
The working principle you may need to know of Honda carburetor?

Motorcycle carburetor is an important part of automobile engine, so what is its use? How does a carburetorwork? What are the advantages of motorcycle carburetors? Do carburetors have disadvantages?What does a Honda carburetor do?

08/ 05 / 2022
What is the function of the Honda carburetor?

Carburetor is one of the essential parts of a motorcycle. Do you know how it works? What is a Honda carburetor used for? How to judge the motorcycle carburetor failure?

08/ 03 / 2022
What are the materials of Honda carburetor?

​Honda carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline and air under the vacuum generated by the engine. As a precise mechanical device, Honda carburetor uses the kinetic energy of inhaled air flow to atomize gasoline. The important role of Honda carburetor in the engine can be called the heart of the engine.

06/ 20 / 2022
What are the systems of Honda carburetor?

​In the process of gas flow, as long as the cross-section of the channel remains unchanged, the gas flow rate will remain unchanged. The Honda carburetor uses this physical principle to set a throat on the air flow channel. The Honda carburetor changes the air pressure difference of the oil-gas interface by changing the diameter of the throat to help the oil-gas mixing and ejection for engine combustion.

06/ 17 / 2022
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