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What are the materials of Honda carburetor?

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Honda carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline and air under the vacuum generated by the engine. As a precise mechanical device, Honda carburetor uses the kinetic energy of inhaled air flow to atomize gasoline. The important role of Honda carburetor in the engine can be called the heart of the engine.

  • What are the materials of Honda carburetor?

  • What parts does Honda carburetor have?

  • What role does Honda carburetor play?

What are the materials of Honda carburetor?

The Honda carburetor of motorcycle has developed rapidly. In addition to the structural changes, the materials used have also changed from the original zinc alloy to aluminum alloy.

Most domestic motorcycle carburetors are made of zinc alloy, which is popular for its good fluidity and air tightness. However, with the development of science and technology, motorcycles are developing towards lightweight so that the weight of various accessories is required to be reduced as much as possible Based on this situation, we began to develop aluminum alloy Honda carburetor and achieved success. Although the casting performance of aluminum alloy is not as good as that of zinc alloy, through the modification of body structure, reasonable design of die structure and determination of correct die-casting process parameters, castings with smooth appearance, dense internal structure and high dimensional accuracy can be produced.

The upper body and middle body of Honda carburetor is aluminum. Each measuring hole and nozzle of Honda carburetor are made of copper. The throttle and damper of Honda carburetor are made of steel. The lower body of Honda carburetor is cast iron. The float of Honda carburetor is plastic, while the older one is hollow copper which was later replaced by plastic.

What parts does Honda carburetor have?

The throttle valve is the main component of the Honda carburetor. It regulates the amount of air-fuel mixture delivered to the engine cylinders. When you step on the accelerator, the throttle opens.

The venturi tube of Honda carburetor is a hollow tube with a gradually decreasing cross-section and the smallest area at the throat. It reduces the air pressure in the float chamber.

The filter filters the fuel before sending it to the float chamber of Honda carburetor. The filter has a fine wire mesh to clean the fuel by removing dirt and other suspended solids. Otherwise, the dirt particles may block the nozzle to fail the Honda carburetor.

Metering system of the Honda carburetor regulates the flow of fuel into the nozzle. The metering system is responsible for manufacturing the fuel air mixture according to the required air-fuel ratio.

The mixing chamber of Honda carburetor is used to mix fuel and air. After the mixing process, the fuel air mixture is delivered to the engine combustion chamber.

The idle system of Honda carburetor has a direct passage from the float chamber to the venturi, which is responsible for providing rich mixing during low speed and idle speed.

The float chamber of Honda carburetor serves as a fuel storage tank to provide fuel for the engine. There is a ball valve in the float chamber to maintain the fuel level in the tank.

The throttle valve in the Honda carburetor is used to regulate the air-fuel mixture, only controlling the amount of air in the mixing chamber.

What role does Honda carburetor play?

The Honda carburetor mixes a certain amount of gasoline with air to make the engine run normally. If there is not enough fuel to mix with air, the engine will run in lean condition, which will stop the engine and may damage the engine. If there is too much fuel mixed with air, the engine will run in rich fuel state, which will also stop the engine due to Honda carburetor oil overflow, and produce a lot of smoke during operation in poor operation conditions is poor.

In summary, Honda carburetor vaporizes the fuel, which is then mixed with a certain proportion of air to form a mixture.

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